Why Kate Middleton Never Wears Orange

Date August 15, 2018

When stepping out in public, for many years the Duchess of Cambridge has worn all the colors of the rainbow. She knows how to be bright and stylish. There have been yellow, red, violet, blue, and green among her garments, but one color she has avoided so far is orange.


A style expert explained the true reason why Kate doesn’t fancy this shade. The thing is that you have to consider the features of your skin before choosing a color.

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I believe that Kate is a ‘winter’ color type. If my suspicion is correct, she would look dreadful in orange and does well to avoid it. Having a cool, blue undertone means that the orange color pigments would clash with her natural features. You’d only see the dress, not her!


Stylists often analyze colors to assess which are best for a person with a certain color type. This means that even most likable of shades can enter a taboo zone.


As far as the theory goes, people belong to 4 color types: winter, summer, spring, and autumn. Kate is a “winter” type. This means that the palette of shades in her case should be the following: white, black, dark blue, red, and bright pink.

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And indeed, the duchess often wears these colors! Only in dark blue she has attended quite a few events.


Now you know why Kate doesn’t wear orange. And the royal protocol has nothing to do with it because guess who does wear it - Her Majesty!

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