Women Who Fell For Plastic Surgery Addicts – How Do They Look?

Date September 19, 2018 17:07

There is an opinion that women are more inclined to fixate on their appearance. However, in fact, gentlemen often get carried away too.

After doing their first plastic surgery, some men can’t stop. Over time, it becomes an addiction that distorts these people’s ideas about beauty and imposes strange ideals.

Despite the fact that men looking like living dolls are generally not considered attractive to women, some of them have managed to meet their soul mate and even settle! Let see how women of these extraordinary personalities look!

Women of men hooked up on plastic surgeries

Rodrigo Alves

In childhood, boys usually dream of becoming firemen, astronauts or rescuers but not this Brazilian one. In an early age, Rodrigo already wanted to turn into a doll, and adulthood made his dream come true. After 59 plastic surgeries, Mr. Alves began to look like his idol – Barbie’s groom, Ken.

For the first time, the Brazilian-born British went under the knife of a beauty surgeon in 19, when he wanted to correct the shape of his nose. Rodrigo’s expenses on plastic surgeries roughly estimate $ 500,000.

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Alves constantly participates in various TV programs, including the popular reality show “Celebrity Big Brother”. There, he met his latest sweetheart - Natalie Nunn.

Quentin Dehar

Frenchman Quentin Dehar and Russian Anastasia Reskoss were united by their love for plastic surgery. They both dreamed of looking like living dolls and used to squander money for plastic surgeries together.

Alas, the relationship of this extraordinary couple has come to an end. After Anastasia dyed from blonde to brunette, Quentin broke up with her.

We broke up, because I stopped loving her,

- Dehar commented on his decision.

According to the Frenchman, Ken never chooses a brunette over a blonde. By the way, Reskoss has already found a substitute. As for Quentin, there has been no development in his personal life yet.

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Alexandr Shpak

Russian Alexandr Shpak got an idea of improving his appearance from bodybuilding. After the man’s body started to become muscular, he decided to make a few more adjustments. Alexander covered the skin with tattoos and made 15 plastic surgeries almost completely deforming his face.

In spite of having a manly body, Shpak paints his eyes and even nails. Now, the Russian works as a fitness trainer and leads an Instagram blog, talking about the principles of healthy nutrition and urging his subscribers to go in for sports.

Alexander has been married 5 times. Shpak’s current spouse is blogger Irina Meshchanskaya, and the man takes every opportunity to expresses his affection to her.

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Mauricio Galdi

Another Brazilian in our selection became addicted to plastic surgery after taking up acting classes. There, Galdi was told that his appearance is far from the standards of beauty. These words hurt Mauricio so much that he began to “reconstruct” his face and body.

Galdi even decided to remove two ribs despite the doctors' warnings about the health risk of such intervention. Interestingly, Mauricio himself didn’t seek to become a “living Ken” - a nickname that was given to him by the press.

Currently, the Brazilian is dating a French reality show star, Angelique Morgan, who is also a regular at plastic surgery clinics.

Mauricio’s sweetheart is 42, although due to plastic surgeries and Botox injections, her age is very hard to guess.

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Erik Sprague

An American from Kentucky, also known as The Lizardman, got so carried away in the process of transforming his appearance, that he got subdermal implants, bifurcated his tongue, and covered his entire body with tattoos.

Sprague earns his living by performing in circuses and touring with bands like Slipknot known for shocking performances.

Eric is married to a girl named Meghan, who completely stands by her husband’s choices.

And could you take a man obsessed with plastic surgeries as a husband? Let us know in the comments!

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