Did You Know That Melania Trump Has A Sister? Find Out What We Learned About This Woman

Date October 24, 2018

Media keeps following the lives of the U.S. President, his children, and of course, the First Lady, Melania Trump. Her public appearances and fashion choices are in the limelight.

Did You Know That Melania Trump Has A Sister? Find Out What We Learned About This Womangettyimages

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We have already taken a look behind the scenes of Mrs. Trump’s personal life, introducing you to her parents, but what about her sister? Yes, Melania has a sister, and her name is Ines Knavs.

Ines is two years older than Melania, who is 48. Despite the fact that she rarely appears in public next to the First Lady, they have a really close relationship. Ines has even taken the role of a bridesmaid at Melania and Donald’s wedding.

She lives in a $2 million apartment right next to the Trump family on Park Avenue in New York. Ines has nothing to do with politics, as she is a creative person – an artist.

Just like her sister Melania, she left her native country, Slovenia, in the 1990s so as to try her fortune abroad. Back then, Melania decided to make it in the modeling industry, and Ines pursued a career in design.

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Remarkably, Ines maintains a Facebook page, where she uploads photos, quite untypical of celebrities. For example, she repeatedly posted pictures from an old photo session of Melania, her own drawings and sketches, as well as personal pictures, which reveal a striking resemblance between the sisters.

In 2014, Melania Trump even posted one of her sister’s pictures, made in pencil, on her Twitter account. It is evident that Ines’ style is quite extraordinary, but that's what art's about.

Now, you know that Melania Trump has a sister who lives next to her, and, for sure, they sometimes arrange warm family gatherings. After all, everyone should have a girlfriend, and if she's also your sister, it's a jackpot!

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