5 Royal Fashion Rules From Kate Middleton That Every Woman Can Follow!

Date December 5, 2018

Finding your own unique style can be quite difficult! Even the Duchess of Cambridge needed several years to learn what she needs to wear to look perfect.


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Kate’s efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. Women all over the world have been taking after the Duchess of Cambridge, buying all the similar things from the shops, regardless of their price! So, what helps her create an immaculate image?

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5 fashion rules that help Kate look queenly

5 Royal Fashion Rules From Kate Middleton That Every Woman Can Follow!gettyimages

If you want to be as stylish as the Duchess of Cambridge, try to follow these 5 very simple rules when choosing your wardrobe.

Rule 1. Buy a few of the similar preferred items at once

It may seem that the Duchess sometimes puts on the same thing a few times. However, she is wise enough to purchase five similar dresses of her favorite brand to look fresh at any event. This trick helps Kate enjoy comfortable clothes she likes, not thinking that she has already used them!

Rule 2. Use classic images

A royal person should look stylish in any situation. That is why Kate most often chooses classic styles that are relevant to any occasion.

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Rule 3. Customize your look

Prince William’s wife has a whole team of image-makers. Not only do they customize the dresses to fit her figure, but they also change the shape of the sleeves, remove the neckline, extend the skirts, and sew additional layers to transparent fabrics. This is how you can update any outfit!

Rule 4. Monochrome is better than multi-colored

Most often, Kate appears in public in one-colored attire. As a peeress, Middleton knows that a monochrome outfit always looks elegant!

Rule 5. Don’t forget about tights!

Not only the dress code makes Kate always wear tights (by the way, Meghan has been spooted without them several times!); this item of clothing has repeatedly rescued the Duchess of Cambridge from awkward moments.

As you can see, style rules from Kate Middleton are quite simple. Every woman can stick to them to look fashionable and trendy! Share this helpful article with your friends to let them see that your fashion role model is a perfect royal family member.

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