Celebrity Secret To Eternal Beauty: How To Look Not A Day Over 30 In Your 50s

Date November 16, 2018 16:06

Many women tend to envy the celebrities who look immaculate, regardless of their senior age. Yes, maybe they spend loads of money on all sorts of cosmetic procedures and beauty products, but these aren't the only means to looking beautiful. Of course, it would be foolish to deny both their financial capabilities and access to fancy skin care technology, but some of their secret beauty weapons are available to everyone!

Nevertheless, there are still several features available to every woman. All you need is to pay attention to them and apply them regularly.

Jennifer Lopez


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It turns out that the 49-year-old cutie has always been adamant on protecting her skin from the sun, bearing in mind the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation on the epidermis. Maybe that’s why Lopez likes to wash her face frequently to refresh the face. Another secret to her absence of wrinkles is regular meditation, which allows a person to relax the facial muscles face and spend some time in peace and quiet.

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Jennifer Aniston


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In addition to using efficient cosmetics to moisturize the skin, the 49-year-old actress regularly practices yoga and tries to consume a lot of vegetables and fruits.

Salma Hayek

52-year-old Salma is also fond of yoga. She lets her body and mind relax regularly, realizing how important it is to keep your consciousness clear. All concerns are reflected on your face!

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Michelle Pfeiffer

The 60-year-old Hollywood star says that looking at yourself getting old on a screen is bad for your self-esteem. Therefore, the actress gave up all bad habits and started engaging herself in fitness. Moreover, Michelle is a vegetarian.

Halle Berry

At 52, the actress doesn’t hesitate to appear in public in open swimsuits and tight-fitting clothes since she has immaculate body to boast of! She believes that a woman has to choose a bra of a proper size, correct form, and with good supporting properties. This is how your breasts won’t stretch or sag, but will always look attractive.

Susan Sarandon

The secrets of the 72-year-old actress are very simple: spend time with your interests, and be active and sociable. Susan claims it is important not to forget to moisturize your skin and not to overuse beauty products. Apart from that, she suggests dressing up brightly in order to look fabulous!

Jennifer Garner

With the advent of her 50th birthday, the actress is increasingly insisting on using sunscreen. She suggests everyone starts doing it as early as possible in order to avoid the harmful consequences.

Do you find these celebrity tips helpful? Are you going to take after the stars? It seems there is nothing complicated and expensive in these recommendations. Just make a habit of looking after yourself regularly and the results won’t be long in coming.

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