Family Style: Monaco Royals Shared Their Delightful Christmas Cards

Date December 21, 2018

The royal families love winter holidays. This is a great reason to do charity work, chat with fans, and spend time with relatives. The British monarchs managed not only to decorate the palace but also released several versions of Christmas cards. The royal family of Monaco isn’t far behind them. Prince Albert II and his wife Charlene have recently presented their own Christmas postcards with delightful photos.

Family Style: Monaco Royals Shared Their Delightful Christmas Cardsgettyimages

The world has already discussed the pictures the British royals shared. Prince William and Kate Middleton chose an adorable photo for the family postcard, and Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles shared a touching photo where they gaze at each other lovingly and with much respect. As always, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle opted to do it in an original way: the couple decided to use a black and white shot from their wedding day on the postcard. However, this idea has already been criticized by some the internet users and Meghan’s half-sister, who seems to enjoy spreading gossip about her celebrity relative.

The royal family of Monaco also appreciates such passion. Princess Charlene and Prince Albert II were pleased to present really mesmerizing Christmas cards. One of them depicts the couple with their children, Jacques and Gabriella. The Princess posed in a red dress with a collar and looked very elegant. In the photo, there is even one of Princess’ favorite Chihuahuas. Baby Jacques is slowly but steadily transforming into a real young gentleman, while his sister is just a petite little angel with a favorite toy in her hands.

Vanessa von Zitzewitz was the creator of the amazing photo. By the way, she also made another postcard with the royal twins sitting comfortably near the elegant Christmas tree.

The postcards will traditionally begin to appear in mailboxes already this week. Meanwhile, other famous people are also actively preparing for the holidays. Recently, the Norwegian monarchs also shared warm family photos for Christmas cards.

What about you? Do you make your own postcards? Did you like the ones made by the Monaco royal family? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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