Insider Implies: Meghan Markle Copies Kate’s Style To Blend Into The Royal Family Quicker

Date December 14, 2018

The Duchesses of Sussex and Cambridge often have their styles compared, and this isn’t surprising. William’s spouse has been a part of the royal family for a long time, having developed a certain style that changes rarely, whereas the former American actress had to change her fashion habits in a quite a short time span. Some of the women’s images were similar, and this tendency was traced long before the announcement of Meghan and Harry’s engagement.

Considering Meghan’s past, this could be a sheer coincidence, but attentive royal fans saw a clear connection between some of the Duchesses’ outfits.

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The Sun recently shared an insider-based assumption that Meghan used Kate’s style as one of the tools to gain a certain influence in the royal family. So, that is probably why both Duchesses preferred fashionable burgundy dresses with polka dots almost simultaneously.

This wasn’t the only time when their outfits were similar.

During the official tour around Australia and Oceania, one of Meghan’s summer dresses could be considered a protocol violation because of the improper slit. However, a similar detail was present in Middleton’s outfit earlier as well.

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Another similar element in the images of the Duchesses has recently been in hairstyle. Pay attention to the hats’ designs and the angle the women put them on, both placing their hair in buns.

Vanity Fair also shared the assumption that the inspiration in creating an image for one of Meghan first appearances without Harry but with Elizabeth II was Middleton's favorite hairstyle with loosely curled hair.

According to the same insider from The Sun, Meghan began to learn a lot from her sister-in-law. This allegedly confused Kate since she thinks the former actress, who is accustomed to shining on the red carpet, could have developed her own style distinctions.

Unfortunately, we can’t know it for certain. All the suspicions of “copying” Kate’s images can be hasty since both women follow the same protocol. In addition, Markle has repeatedly demonstrated her own style. For example, one of her outfits resembled the images of her on-screen role as Rachel Zane.

The elegant trouser suit could be considered somewhat of an imitation of Diana’s outfit.


Insider Implies: Meghan Markle Copies Kate’s Style To Blend Into The Royal Family Quickergettyimages

Meghan was also spotted with a clutch, similar to the one owned by Pippa Middleton.

The outfits of all women in the royal family are similar because they are trying to follow the trends, set more than a decade ago by Elizabeth II. What do you think, can the insider’s information regarding Kate’s alleged discontent hold any truth? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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