Not Only Humanitarian Work: Angelina Jolie Was Spotted Selling Organic Goods For Dogs In A Park

Date January 29, 2019 17:07

Angelina Jolie has been recently noticed to lead a rather isolated way of life: she works a lot and rarely indulges her fans with public appearances. However, her rare vacations with children sometimes bring us new photos of the celebrity mother.

Of course, not everyone approves of Angelina’s upbringing style. Not so long ago, internet users found out that she supported her daughter’s Shiloh decision to lead a boyish lifestyle. Even though her children are of different ages and sexes, she also practiced joint conversations about sexual abuse. Moreover, some people might consider it dangerous that the actress took her teenage daughters to a refugee camp to show them the other side of life. However, it is difficult to reproach her for paying to little attention to her kids.

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Quite recently, netizens were lucky to see another photo of Angelina. The actress was noticed in a park in the company of three younger children. She didn’t just have fun there, but was engaged in a rather intriguing activity: according to the author of the picture, she was selling organic goods for dogs.

Even though with the increased zoom the quality of the photo gets worse, it seems that the celebrity was really selling something together with her kids, Shiloh, Vivienne, and Knox.

Since there are six children in Jolie's family, all with probably different characters, it is difficult to guess what pets they could bring up. A bit earlier, TMZ shared some other photos of the actress and her children taking a dog for a walk.

Even though the public has recently witnessed the painful divorce of Jolie and Pitt, it seems that Angelina, judging by her blossoming appearance and sincere smiles, is completely satisfied with her new status as single mother of a large family.

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Some time ago, the actress was also spotted in the company of her daughter Shiloh, leaving a popular vet store. Angelina looked confident and calm, and the girl most likely purchased something essential for her pet. By the way, according to Hollywood Life, she is a frequent visitor at this outlet. The actress’ basket is usually full of food for cats and dogs, as well as different toys for pets.

While we know hardly anything about Angelina’s personal life, a lot of rumors about her ex-husband are making the internet rounds. Brad has already been claimed to have had romantic affairs with several women, including Charlize Theron. Unless this is just a rumor, Angelina’s fans must be frustrated. It was believed that the actresses didn’t get along very well with each other, as they had to fight for the same roles for years.

Angelina is widely known for her social work. It is inspiring that her care extends not only to people but also to animals. What do you think about this? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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