She Isn’t Alone: 5 Kim Kardashian “Twins” With Incredibly Similar Appearance

Date December 21, 2018 18:04

Kim Kardashian has already become not only a popular reality show star but also a living brand many people take after. Her immaculate graceful image immediately comes to mind as soon as you hear her name. However, she isn’t alone in this world.

The international team of Kim lookalikes

Kim’s “twins” appear all over the world, imitating their idol in everything. Some even opt for plastic surgeries to make their image as close to the Kardashian’s as possible.

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1. Sonia and Fyza Ali

The girls copy the two stars of the famous family – Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner. They are professionally engaged in makeup, so it is easy for them to take after their idols.

However, they have allegedly resorted to plastic surgery to achieve such an immaculate result.

2. Anastasiya Kvitko


Публикация от AK (@anastasiya_kvitko)

Catch up with and overtake Kim’s popularity – that's the ultimate goal this Russian girl strives toward.


Публикация от AK (@anastasiya_kvitko)

She adores taking photos aplenty from just the right angles.

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3. Jelena Karleuša

Serbian pop-folk singer, TV presenter, and model enjoys posing in tight swimsuits in different locations. She adores showing off her immaculate body.

No one doubts her resemblance to Kim.

4. Demi Rose

This cute Brit also bears incredible similarity to Kim.

Demi is younger than her idol by 15 years, but there is hardly any difference in their bodies.

5. Leila Raimbek

Fashionable cutie uses her natural beauty and similarities to Kim Kardashian not only on the catwalk as a model, but also to impress the public while shopping, parting, and of course photo-shooting.

Leila has started using her striking resemblance since high school years.

Would you be able to distinguish the less popular “twins” from the "original?" By the way, what do you think is better: to imitate or remain unique? Share your opinions in the comments.

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