Tragic Finale? Carrie Bradshaw Will Be A Widow In The “Sex And The City” Sequel

Date November 27, 2018

Sex and the City fans have for 8 long years been looking forward to meeting the third full-length film about Carrie Bradshaw and her friends.


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As it is already known, we are unlikely to see Samantha in the sequel. Due to her disagreements with producers and Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall refused to take part in the filming.

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However, the surprises didn’t end here for the franchise’s fans. It has recently become known that Carrie’s partner, Mr. Big, will die at the very beginning of the new film. This was reported by journalist Andrew Miller, who spoke with its creators and actors.


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According to The Hollywood Reporter, Chris Noth’s character will die in the shower of a heart attack. By the way, in the sixth season of the series, Mr. Big had already had some heart problems. Miller shared insights of the movie’s future:

Big reportedly died of a heart attack in the shower early in the film, making the remainder of the movie more about how Carrie recovers from his death than about the relationship between the four women.


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Chris Noth hasn’t read the script to the third part, but he will probably be glad to reunite with the rest of the cast even though his time in the movie isn’t going to be long.


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Do you like the plot’s development? Are you eagerly awaiting the film release, or do you think the story shouldn’t continue? Share your opinions in the comments!

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