Inherent Beauty: The Most Beautiful Women Before The Era Of Photoshop And Plastic Surgeries

Date November 7, 2018

Progress doesn’t stand still. Modern fashion world allows people to look the way they want. Cosmeticians offer women various beauty shots, helping them visually get rid of a few extra years. More and more plastic surgeries are becoming accessible to people, while all the procedures become safer. These magic operations can augment or reduce anything you want. In case you don’t want radical changes, a Photoshop “upgrade” can easily improve your appearance without any physical interference. However, isn’t it better to be yourself?

We have prepared a compilation of women who used to be beauty role models of the 1990s. Each of them was unique, and for that reason, beautiful. Don't you agree?

1. Monica Bellucci

Monica Bellucci was hailed one of the most beautiful women of the 90s. Almost 30 years later she still looks amazing, although she is no longer young. Moreover, she isn’t looking to go under the surgeon’s knife to become younger.

2. Claudia Schiffer

Claudia Schiffer was one of the most popular centrefolds of this era, and an idol for millions of girls across the globe. Her face appeared on the cover of glossies so many times that it is unlikely that any supermodel will ever break her record.

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3. Stephanie Seymour

The perfect body, beautiful face, sincere smile – it’s all about Stephanie Seymour. She is one of those 90s supermodels that makes famous actors, musicians, and multimillionaires instantaneously fall in love with her.

4. Linda Evangelista

Model Linda Evangelista wasn’t like any other superstar from the 90s. That is why her extravagance earned her insane popularity and public adoration.

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5. Sharon Stone

As soon as the film Basic Instinct hit the box office in 1992 with Sharon Stone in the lead role, men all over the world fell in love with the actress.

6. Cindy Crawford

Millions of girls from the 1990s envied the mole on her upper lip. Some even painted themselves a similar one. Did you try?

7. Laetitia Casta

Laetitia Casta is a famous supermodel and was votest one of the sexiest Victoria's Secret Angels in history. She always tried to depict her inner character.

Today it is difficult to be yourself. We are constantly told how we should look, what to wear, what to do. It is important to learn to listen to yourself and your true desires. We must show ourselves in such a way that nobody would ever try to impose their opinions on us. Can another person truly know what is best for you?

Models and actresses of the 90s possessed independent characters and were really interesting people. Modern celebrities also try to be unique, but many of them sadly just try to copy others. In your opinion, who is the most beautiful famous woman today? What about the early 1990s? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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