Duke And Duchess Of Sussex May Be Deprived Of Their Kids' Guardianship Due To A Confusing Reason

Date September 1, 2018

Only three months passed after the most fabulous wedding of 2018, but the royal family fans are already waiting for the news of Meghan’s pregnancy. The British are happy to guess the gender of the first-born and wonder whether the Duke of Sussex will have twins.


However, the Internet has recently witnessed confusing information that Harry and Megan are likely to be deprived of full legal custody of their children for one very interesting reason. It isn’t related to the prince’s wife origin or her family drama; however, it is rather unusual for the public.

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It turns out that in Great Britain, a person on the throne possesses full custody of the grandsons and even great-grandsons. The corresponding law was approved more than three centuries ago in 1717 by George I, who secured the right to make decisions on the upbringing, education, and marriage of each of his successor’s children. It turns out George II didn’t have the warmest relationship with his father, so the monarch became a guardian for his grandchildren. Since then, the law hasn’t been amended, meaning the guardian of all underage children in the royal family is Elizabeth II.


As soon as Prince Charles becomes a king, this right will automatically pass to him.

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This law caused some disagreement between Diana and her husband during their divorce proceedings, which ended in 1996. Negotiations about custody of their sons were lengthy and difficult. Buckingham Palace didn’t grant the late princess her request to make the princes’ guardians two of her relatives: her brother and mother. However, the Queen made concessions and gave equal rights to ex-spouses in making decisions regarding the children’s upbringing and permission to bring them outside the country after receiving the prior consent of Elizabeth II.


William and Kate must have done the same way, as they also took their children on foreign tours. By the way, they also do not have full custody of George, Charlotte, and Louis.


Most likely, this is what waits for Harry and Megan in the future.gettyimages

In addition to the guardianship issues, there are some other interesting traditions in the royal family concerning young children.

  1. The babies appear in front of the public for the first time carefully wrapped in special covers made by G.H. Hurt & Son for already more than 100 years.
  2. Elizabeth II is the first one to get informed about the child’s birth.
  3. Most children are named with at least three names in tribute to the previous generations.
  4. The monarch’s grandchildren on the women’s line don’t receive any titles (like the kids of Princess Anna).
  5. Water for the christening is brought directly from the Jordan River. The luxurious cup for lowering the children is made of precious metals.

It is possible that unusual traditions concerning children exist in many families, not only the royal one. However, the kids’ guardianship that is assigned to the monarch is, perhaps, the most confusing fact for many of us. Do you think it’s time to amend the existing law?

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