10 Royal Facts About The Traditional Birth Of The British Heir To The Throne

Date August 22, 2018 17:41

British palace etiquette has always been strict to the royal family members. Demanding rules instruct how to behave in different situations, including during pregnancy with another heir to the throne.


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Royal traditions define everything: from the official announcement to the place where the birth will take place.

However, Prince William and Kate Middleton managed to break some unwritten rules. Most surprisingly, they got away with it!


Let’s find out more about the traditional childbirth in the British royal family and see what changes the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge made during this process.

Tradition 1: Pregnancy Announcement

The future royal parents usually announce about the family reinforcement at the 12th week of pregnancy. However, Prince William and Kate Middleton reported about the third child’s birth a bit earlier.

The Duchess of Cambridge suffered from strong morning sickness, so there was a need for an official explanation of her absence during numerous events.

Tradition 2: Child gender


The sex of the unborn child is kept secret until birth. William and Kate adhered to this tradition all three times.

Tradition 3: Home labor

For many centuries, British royal women gave birth to their children only at home. Moreover, until the middle of the XVII century, the Queens refused from the doctors’ help: almost all women in the palace were involved in labor.


All the Kate’s and William’s children were born in St. Mary’s Hospital, in Paddington. By the way, Princess Diana was the first to break the home labor tradition.

Tradition 4: Non-disclosure document

All medical personnel is made to keep secret about the birth of a child. All three midwives, who helped Kate welcome Princess Charlotte, signed the official document.

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Tradition 5: Labor with the Minister

Until 1936, the royal family was obliged to invite the Minister for Home Affairs. He was present during the labor or at least, stayed near the door! Elizabeth II abolished the tradition shortly before Prince Charles’ birth.

Tradition 6: The father shouldn’t be present at labor


Future dads aren’t allowed to be in the delivery room during the labor. It concerned everyone, including the British kings. Only Prince Philip was allowed to be present during the labor of his son, Charles, in 1948. However, Prince William broke this tradition as well. He supported his wife in the delivery room during the birth of all three children.

Tradition 7: The Queen finds out about the child first


According to the protocol, information about the appearance of another heir is reported to the reigning person first. That is why Prince William called his grandmother and passed the news to her directly each time. Only after this, an official announcement is placed in the courtyard of Buckingham Palace. In our time, the British royal family notifies the public about the birth via social networks.

Tradition 8: Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is a traditional practice in the royal family. No one refused from feeding the child with their own milk. So, we wonder if Megan will follow this rule when she becomes a mother.

Tradition 9: No diapers

Since ancient times, royal children have been wrapped up in cloth diapers. Princess Diana was the first to change this rule and used regular diapers. Kate Middleton took after her mother-in-law and also used regular diapers.

Tradition 10: Two is enough!


Over the past 58 years, only two children have been born within a royal couple. However, William and Kate have already welcomed three heirs. Will there be more?

It’s no secret that the public is looking forward to hearing the announcement of Megan’s pregnancy.


Harry’s wife is famous for not being afraid of breaking traditions. How will she behave in this case? Share your opinions in the comments.

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