49-Year-Old Renee Zellweger Surprised Her Fans With Upgraded Appearance

Date August 27, 2018 16:18

Even though over the last few years Renee Zellweger has been trying to look after her body, people still associate her with the luxurious forms.

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As a part of her profession, the actress has had to repeatedly lose and gain weight. But in recent years, the Bridget Jones star seems to have found her ideal weight and parameters.

Nevertheless, Renee’s appearance is being constantly criticized in the press and on the Internet. Therefore, a couple of years ago, Zellweger decided to resort to plastic surgeries. Unfortunately, her transformation disappointed the fans. Many admitted they just stopped recognizing their favorite actress.

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Luckily, Renee’s recent appearance brought her fans into utter delight.

The paparazzi caught Zellweger as she walked through the streets of Los Angeles in a gray jumper, ripped jeans, and a baseball cap. This simple, but trendy, outfit emphasized the star’s slender body. Many users noted Renee looks very fresh and young in these pictures.

Oh, she lost so much weight! She has strong willpower.

She looks charming!

This is not Bridget Jones. Slim and beautiful.


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It seems Renee looks not only refreshed, but also happy in the recent images! Do you agree? Share your opinions in the comments.

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