Imperfect Mother: Kate Middleton Makes Mistakes In The Children’s Upbringing Like Everyone Else

Date September 7, 2018 12:59

Kate Middleton may seem to be an ideal mother. Her children are well-groomed, behave in public, and develop comprehensively. Her upbringing style is widely considered a worthy role model. However, she isn’t always able to provide everything, and some of her decisions can be regarded as strange and even dangerous.


Kate’s mistakes

Like all mothers, she prepares children for the start of a new school year. One day, the Duchess left little Louis for a nanny and went along with George and Charlotte to the stores to update their wardrobe before the school. The internet public immediately started discussing the curiosity happened to the famous family while choosing shoes. It turned out the children wore sandals, and their mother forgot to put on the socks for a comfortable fitting.

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Even though the episode can’t be called a serious example of maternal negligence, in fact, the Duchess was criticized for her carelessness more than once.

1. Seatbelt

When the Cambridges took newborn George home, the public noticed he was fastened with only one belt included in the car seat kit. After that, the couple was condemned for failing to comply with the basic security measures.

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge leaves the Lindo Wing of St Mary's Hospital with his newborn son on July 23, 2013gettyimages

2. Dangerous hobbies

William and Kate share a deep love for the sport. At the same time, they tend to choose rather traumatic types – water, horse riding, skiing.


The children went with their parents to the mountains at a very small age. In addition, the 3-year-old Charlotte is already showing interest in horse riding, and her mother mentioned her intention to support her.


3. Traveling

According to the protocol, royal family members can’t go on long trips together. It allows minimizing the risk of simultaneous death of several royals in case of a tragedy. Nevertheless, George and Charlotte sometimes accompany their parents in the car and during the flights.

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Prince George of Cambridge (L) and Princess Charlotte of Cambridge (R) step inside their car with their mother Catherinegettyimages

4. Inappropriate toys

Although Kate is still on maternity leave, she doesn’t miss an opportunity to attend various events. In early summer, the Duchess went to support her husband at a charity polo tournament with her older children. George and Charlotte enjoyed the company of their cousins like ordinary kids. The public attention was attracted by the fact that the mother allowed the boy to bring a toy gun with him. This episode evoked much criticism from the public side.


Does the Queen approve?

Elizabeth II became a mother almost 70 years ago. Although times flies, it may not support some aspects of Kate and William’s parenting approach.

Despite the love for her daughter and sons, Elizabeth II communicated with them quite formally even at home. Kate often shows her feelings in public.


The coronation of Elizabeth II took place when Charles and Anna were very small. With the advent of new duties, she transferred the children to the nannies care. Meanwhile, Kate tries to spend much time with her beloved ones. However, it is also possible that in such a way she is considered one of the laziest in the royal family.

The Queen may also not approve of the fact that her grandson and granddaughter-in-law are traveling with children since their attention during official visits is focused not on work but upbringing.


All of Elizabeth’s children studied at home with private teachers. George and Charlotte go to the ordinary schools.

Kate doesn’t share the Queen’s love for horses and riding. Instead, she teaches her children tennis.

Each mother tries to be perfect. However, all the people around, including grandmothers, great-grandmothers, and nannies may deprive her of the best opportunities. How do you think, is there an impeccable motherhood method and is it worth striving for excellence? Share your opinions in the comments.

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