Most Beautiful Princess In The World? Who Is Ameera Al-Taweel And Why Not Everyone Enjoys Her Influence In The Muslim World

Date October 14, 2018 02:23

We are used to talking about the East in a different way than about our own peculiarities. This is mostly because of the cultural gap that we fail to recognize. Surprisingly, the style and social work of one of the most influential women of this region can be easily compared to the other most beautiful royals, Princess Diana and Kate Middleton. We are talking about the former wife of the Saudi Arabia's prince, Ameera Al-Taweel. She used to be a simple journalist and soon became one of the most influential women in the Muslim world. Unfortunately, she didn’t appeal to everyone.

Most Beautiful Princess In The World? Who Is Ameera Al-Taweel And Why Not Everyone Enjoys Her Influence In The Muslim Worldgettyimages

Ameera met her future husband, Al-Waleed bin Talal, as a schoolgirl: she was only 18 while he was 46. A few years after the first meeting, the couple got married. The girl who dreamed of becoming a journalist became the new wife of a billionaire prince. Not every Arab woman can afford a decent education, but Al-Waleed decided to make his wife’s dreams come true: she received a diploma of business administration at the University of New Haven.

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Most Beautiful Princess In The World? Who Is Ameera Al-Taweel And Why Not Everyone Enjoys Her Influence In The Muslim Worldgettyimages

They were married for 12 years but didn’t have any common children. Al-Waleed raised two heirs from previous relationships and was reported to plan no more children. This condition was even mentioned in their marriage contract.

Most Beautiful Princess In The World? Who Is Ameera Al-Taweel And Why Not Everyone Enjoys Her Influence In The Muslim Worldgettyimages

According to another version, Ameera couldn’t have children, but the prince still married her. Finally, many believe that the Al-Waleed family forced him to divorce the ambitious girl who didn’t follow their traditions. However, this wasn’t the main reason for the break in their relationship.

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From a girl who was brought up in an incomplete family (after the parents divorced, she stayed with her mother and grandmother), Ameera turned into a wealthy woman who knew almost no obstacles in front of her. She could live for her own pleasure, but she didn’t enjoy the way of life, people of her status had to lead.

Al-Waleed had always been in good terms with other country leaders, had an excellent sense of business and knew how to invest funds wisely. This made him a billionaire and the owner of one of the richest jewelry collections in the world. Its cost is estimated to be more than $730 million. It isn’t surprising that one of the most beautiful women in the world has become his next choice.

Ameera didn’t find any happiness in private yachts, airplanes, and palaces. She decided to spend the funds that were at her disposal on improving the living conditions of the poor. She created the foundation, which helped the women with housing and social rights in general. She did her best to expand their opportunities to receive a good education, medical, and humanitarian aid. Her foundation also had international projects aimed at reducing poverty and facilitated interfaith dialogues. The princess patronized the activities of many charitable organizations, provided support to orphanages, schools, hospitals, and establishments for the elderly.

Muslim countries are known to have different rights for women: no beautiful clothes, no right for decent employment and no permission to drive a car. They even have different social guarantees. Even though the eastern national outfits are very attractive, Ameera decided to ensure that her compatriots could wear whatever they wanted. Even Al-Waleed supported his spouse in everything and often went against his influential family.

Her style is a combination of European and Eastern trends. Ameera deliberately refused from fully closed outfits, which received undisguised disapproval of the country’s male population. The idea of gender equality appealed to her no less than the desire to help people in need and fight poverty. She began to lobby the interests of women who wanted to get a job in the cinema and on television, defended their rights to custody of children after a divorce, and made statements that everyone deserves to be independent. Even though some of the country’s most influential men were completely against her cooperation with the Queen Rania of Jordan, also known for her progressive views, the two still communicated a lot. Ameera has discussed many issues of the Middle East development with the other countries’ leaders, including Bill Clinton and representatives of the British royal family. The princess visited more than 70 countries with working and charitable visits, and even after divorcing her spouse (they still stay in touch and maintain friendly relationships) she didn’t stop her philanthropic activities at home and abroad.

After Ameera divorced Al-Waleed, her personal life became a mystery right until the latest weeks. In early September, she secretly married businessman billionaire Khalifa Bin Butti Al Muhairi. It is said that many celebrities and high-ranking officials were present at the closed ceremony. All the guests are said to be Ameera’s friends with whom she worked to promote her ideas. The celebration was rumored to pass not very smoothly: on the night of the wedding, an expensive jewelry collection worth $1 million was stolen from Ameera's room. It hasn’t been reported yet whether she was the target of the crime.

Every year, more and more influential Eastern women appear in the international arena, capable of changing the world for the better. Apart from Ameera’s activities, we are also interested in her pro-European style and appearance. Do you think she really deserves the right to be called the most beautiful princess in the world? Share your opinions in the comments.

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