No Diets: Julia Roberts Revealed The Secret Of Her Phenomenal Weight Loss After Turning 50!

Date October 9, 2018

At the beginning of autumn, fans noticed an incredible transformation of one of the most iconic Hollywood actresses ever – Julia Roberts. The 50-year-old mother of three children turned into a real slender cutie. Everyone began to wonder what helped the celebrity lose weight and become prettier. Some suggested that it was all because of a new partner, others claimed Julia had been recently trying a new diet, while there were also people who thought sports was behind Roberts’s incredible weight loss. The celebrity didn’t conceal her secret and gladly shared it with everybody. Ready to find it out?

No Diets: Julia Roberts Revealed The Secret Of Her Phenomenal Weight Loss After Turning 50!gettyimages

On September 8, Julia Roberts attended the Toronto International Film Festival where the premiere of her latest film, Ben Is Back, took place. The actress played a leading role in the film. Julia appeared on the red carpet in a tight-fitting black dress that emphasized her slim waist. All fans remember that in 2017, Roberts gained a few extra pounds and didn’t look ideal. Fans couldn’t recognize her when she appeared in this seductive dress in front of the audience.

The actress admitted that she did nothing particular to lose weight.

I am so slim now that I wear pants a couple sizes smaller!

Due to the busy schedule, Julia was constantly on her feet. She used to run upstairs in high heels and carry large bags. According to the actress, this is what helped her lose weight. Project director Sam Esmail admitted that she didn’t spare herself during filming.


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If you want to lose weight, be sure to add some active exercises to your daily routine.

That’s how the 50-year-old actress and a mother of three children managed to lose weight. Are you still looking for excuses?

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