No-Sex Marriage: The Body Language Expert Commented On The Relationship Inside The Beckhams Couple

Date September 7, 2018 13:32

The relationship in the Beckhams family has long been causing mixed feelings among the public. Some believe celebrity couple is a family role model, while others think their marriage almost bulges at the seams.

David and Victoria Beckham attending royal weddinggettyimages

Quite recently, all Beckhams have appeared on the pages of the Vogue magazine, October edition. However, even charming family photos didn’t convince some internet users about the smooth relationship inside a couple.

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The body language expert, Judy James, decided to share her opinion on the present situation in the Beckhams environment, analyzing their latest photo session.

Judy claims that Victoria plays the main role in the family and is a kind of a link, demonstrating her affection for children. David is missing from the main picture and had his place taken by the eldest son, Brooklyn.

In the photos, where the couple posed together, Victoria didn’t look at her husband. She is concentrated on the camera, which also indicates the relationship problems.

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The designer’s presence in the general picture is almost unnoticeable. Victoria seems detached, even the dog ignores her presence, playing with the children. At the same time, David’s smile looks insincere.

Judging by Victoria’s other pictures, she wants to continue to be desirable for her husband and doesn’t stop experimenting. She tries on cat costumes and other spectacular outfits, but David seems to leave the wife’s attempts to revive the passion without attention.

How do you think, can the expert’s words be true? Share your opinions in the comments!

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