What Happened To Queen Rania? Her Face Began To Resemble A Sphinx-Like Mask

Date October 24, 2018

The King of Jordan’s wife, charming Queen Rania, isn’t only a gorgeous royal but also an influential social activist. This fragile woman has four children but still manages to keep the girlish figure, and always looks much younger than her age.


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Queen Rania is a significant public, humanitarian, and political figure. She has published several books for children, promoted reforms in the educational and social spheres in her state, and has always actively shared her experience with other countries, giving lectures and taking part in developing programs to improve the well-being of young generations and advocating for the women's rights worldwide.

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Perhaps this is one of the most active First Ladies of our time. She accompanies her spouse on trips abroad, organizes receptions of foreign delegations, supports charitable initiatives, is active in social media and devotes a lot of time to personal communication with her subjects.

Apart from that, Rania is also a recognized icon of style. One of the latest proofs of this was her fashion image, created for the official visit of the Crown Princess of Sweden Victoria and her spouse Prince Daniel. The Queen of Jordan appeared in front of high-ranking guests in an elegant light dress by Ralph & Russo of a luxurious powdery shade, complementing the monochrome outfit with neat pumps and a clutch of the same color.

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Rania has always looked great. Her traditional Oriental motifs were combined with the latest trends in the fanciest way possible. It isn’t surprising since the Queen of Jordan is spending quite a lot of money on updating her wardrobe. All her outfits of 2017 were reportedly worth more than $250 thousand. Let us remind you that Kate Middleton had been earlier slammed for being wasteful since her wardrobe expenses turned out to be almost half as much, not to mention other representatives of the royal families.

Rania has recently been in the center of attention again: some changes that had occurred with her appearance could not remain hidden from the Internet users. It has been pointed out that some of the Queen’s latest photos were less emotional: her face began to resemble a frozen mask, and her huge beautiful eyes turned into “narrow slots.” This gave reason to assume that Rania resorted to plastic surgery. But was there a real need? After all, she has always been beautiful regardless of the age.

It is worth noting that the Queen had already been previously “accused” of having plastic surgeries: some time ago, her modern photos were compared with the older ones. At the same time, there is only one confirmed fact of a surgical intervention that she underwent: a heart surgery.

Considering Rania’s busyness, flowering appearance, and ability to take care of herself, it is unlikely that she resorted to anti-aging treatments. Perhaps this impression was created due to an ill-chosen angle of a photograph. What do you think, could Rania’s facial features change that much and so quickly without surgery? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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