100 Days In The Royal Family: Another Side Of Meghan's Fairy Tale

Date September 3, 2018

Regardless of how many fashionable clothes the Duchess of Sussex has changed and how many fails were witnessed, it is clearly visible that Meghan’s life changed a lot after the wedding.


How does young Harry’s wife feel three months after the wedding? Is she happy with her new role or is she sorry for the abandoned career?

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Megan’s fairy tale began on May 19, 2018, when she married a real prince. Now, she lives in the palace and owns an official title. However, it isn’t enough for the public – as always, they want more.

Here is what Princess Diana’s former butler Paul Burrell thinks about the situation:

It’s interesting that Megan has just joined the biggest “soap opera” in the world, having received the most important role in her life as an actress.

Of course, she dreamt of being famous. Eventually, she received what she wanted! However, it seems there is a certain sense in the phrase: "Be careful with your dreams because they can come true!" Sometimes it’s not what it seems at all.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harrygettyimages

Megan’s father also doesn’t seem to be happy with the daughter’s marriage.

The royals resemble Scientologists or “a family from Stepford.” If they hear someone is trying to talk to them, they just lock the doors and put their fingers to their ears not to hear anything.

Since Megan has to lead a much more reserved way of life now, it is unlikely the first 100 days of her royal life can be called pure success and satisfaction.

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Here’s what Paul Burrell thinks about it:

In the palace, there is no place for people like Thomas Markle or other ungrateful relatives. People who marry members of the royal family are lost in the sea. Meghan’s new relatives care about her safety but what about all the close people from her environment. I think they need to think about it; this is a big problem.

Of course, Harry is in love with his wife and doesn’t want to see her suffering. Therefore, most likely, in some aspects of family life, Megan will have more freedom than her “colleague” Kate, who will always feel pressure, as her husband is the second heir to the throne.


In general, Meghan’s first 100 days became a rehearsal for her future royal life. She pleased the public with her clothes and emphasized her loyalty to the new family in every possible way.


Of course, there were some unfortunate mistakes. However, this is understandable!

Here’s what etiquette expert Liz Brewer thinks about it:

As soon as you plunge into the royal life, you are slowly accustoming yours, trying hard not to make any mistakes. You want to receive the approval. This is how a small child may sometimes feel.

You will always be told if you are doing something wrong. Being a part of the royal family isn’t very easy, even if you have such terrific husband as Harry.

Inevitably, Megan will still have many misses and mistakes, since her accustoming continues.


We hope she will certainly cope with everything. These were just first 100 days, and a lot is still ahead.

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