4 Romantic Affairs Kate, Duchess Of Cambridge, Had Before She Married Prince William

Date August 23, 2018

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge is an exemplary couple celebrating the seventh wedding anniversary this year. Kate and William met in college – they studied together at St. Andrews University. However, it is said their first meeting took place much earlier when Kate was in the sixth form.


If the young Prince enjoyed his popularity among the girls, his future wife was quite modest, diligent in studies, and determined in sports. They started communicating in 2001 when both began attending the history of art course. A year later, the couple started renting a house together with several other friends and didn’t even consider any romantic affairs.

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The first news of the mutual sympathy between the youngsters appeared in 2003, while people began talking about William’s serious intentions in 2006 when he appeared at Laura Parker Bowles’ wedding with Kate. But a few months later, the couple announced about their separation. Fortunately, the split turned out to be short, and the two reunited less than in a year.


After that, Kate was often seen at important royal events. The engagement announcement wasn’t long in coming.


April 29, 2011, the couple organized a magnificent wedding, watched by millions around the world.

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However, little did anyone know that Kate had been dating other men before William. Let’s talk a bit more about them.

1. Harry Blakelock

Kate met handsome cricketer Harry Blakelock at the Marlborough College. The young man was a year older than Kate and was a dream for many female students. However, he chose the future Duchess. The couple’s relationship lasted about a year but soon ended. Harry gave preference to Kate’s good friend, and the couple eventually got married. Now, the young man is a vice president of Transactional Risks Lockton. Harry Blakelock is said to be Kate’s first real love.

2. Willem Marx

No one could conquer Kate’s heart completely until she met Willem Marx. Young people met at the Marlborough College. He became a successful CNBC reporter and worked in geopolitical and corporate news in Europe. The man is happy in a marriage with the Italian TV reporter Johanna Botta. The couple is bringing up a son.

3. Rupert Finch

Kate dated Rupert during the last year at St. Andrew’s University. However, their relationship didn’t last for long. Rupert is an heir to a large family estate located in Norfolk on the territory of Prince William’s uncle, Count Spencer. He is now married to Marquis of Reading’s daughter, Lady Natasha Rufus Isaacs.


4. Henry Ropner

Henry and Kate were dating during the Dukes’ pause in a relationship in 2007. However, the couple also weren’t together for quite long. Henry, whose family owns a large sea freight company, soon got married the daughter of an influential businessman and found his home in Somerset.


Like any young girl, Kate Middleton had other men besides her current spouse. It turned out the relations with them weren’t simple and harmonious, making the Duchess eventually choose William. And it seems, she made a right decision.

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