48-Year-Old Mariah Carey Who Has Recently Gained A Few Extra Pounds Was Criticized For Her Too-Tight Mermaid Tail Dress

Date October 16, 2018 11:29

Mariah Carey has been fighting with excess weight for almost her entire life. Even though the 48-year-old singer has gained a few extra pounds again, she seems to continue feeling like a real little mermaid!

The singer’s fans were quite surprised that she appeared in a red tight-fitting dress at the ceremony of the American Music Awards 2018.

Apparently, Mariah was very pleased with her outfit. The singer radiated joy and readily paraded on the stage in front of hundreds of photographers and spectators.

Carey posted a few photos and videos on her Twitter, clearly expecting the public to discuss her appearance.

However, the singer’s fans didn’t appreciate her outfit much. Many found the dress too youthful and rather awkward for a 48-year-old woman.

Fans also noted that due to the mermaid tail dress, Mariah couldn’t act on the stage as she might have planned: her outfit restricted her movements, not allowing her to make a single step.

During her performance, the singer only waved up and down with a hand, causing laughter in the hall.

This is how Twitter users commented on the singer’s performance:

She has gained so much weight that can’t move at all!

Mariah is the laziest performer I’ve ever seen in my life. Everything she did was just waving her hand!

Does anyone care that Mariah can’t move her legs at all?

Why didn’t Carey move?

Do you now think that Mariah should choose less tight-fitting outfits? Maybe you enjoyed the singer’s look? Share your opinions in the comments!

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