54-Year-Old Monica Bellucci Outshined Her Young Colleagues At The Dinard Film Festival In A Translucent Dress

Date October 2, 2018 13:40

Monica Bellucci is an icon of style, an impeccably beautiful and talented woman admired by a few generations already. She is one of the few European actresses who managed to achieve world recognition, even though she didn’t star in highest grossing Hollywood films. She has earned her fame with such masterpieces as Dracula, Malena, and later in The Passion of the Christ and even a James Bond movie, Spectre.

In 2013, Monica’s fans were shocked by her decision to separate with her husband, Vincent Cassel after 14 years of marriage and with two daughters, Deva and Léonie. This couple was one of the most beautiful and harmonious in Hollywood, and many hoped for a quick reunion, but this never happened. Nevertheless, in one of the interviews, the actress admitted that she maintained an excellent relationship with her ex-husband, and also described him as a good and faithful father.

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We know hardly anything about Bellucci’s private life, while 51-year-old Kassel got tied up in marriage on August 24 again. His choice was a promising French model, Tina Kunakey. The age difference between the spouses is 30 years, but this didn’t prevent them from becoming a happy husband and wife.

After the divorce, Monica seemed to have blossomed again. Of course, minor wrinkles haven’t disappeared from her beautiful face, but they only provided the actress with additional attractiveness.

Monica has recently starred in a sensual photo session, proving that the age is just a number.

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Soon after that, Bellucci showed up in the fashion week in Milan, opening the Dolce & Gabbana performance. By the way, she wasn’t the only star there: the fashion designers also invited such style icons as Carla Bruni, Isabella Rossellini, and Eva Herzigova.

Just days before her 54th birthday, Monica appeared at another significant event in the world of European cinema – the Dinard festival. For this public event, the actress chose a very seductive outfit, but even the skeptics couldn’t call it overexposing – it was just perfect. Monica wore a translucent light maxi dress over the black bodysuit, creating a stylish and romantic image.

Monica Bellucci possesses timeless beauty, which made her popular. At 54, she shoots in sensitive photo shoots and indulges herself in quite provocative outfits. And what do you think, should the age impose an imprint on the kind of activity and the contents of the actress’ wardrobe? Share your opinions in the comments.

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