7 Kids Of Beautiful Celebrities Who Are Being Critisized For Their Appearance


August 17, 2018 12:52 By Fabiosa

Most of the times, celebrity children look like their famous adorable parents, constantly causing much delight in their fans. Unfortunately, not everyone was lucky with genes and, instead of enthusiastic comments, stars’ kids receive never-ending mocks and sorrowful giggles. People simply don’t understand the appearance is not the choice of the poor. Luckily, for some children the hope is still there: the ugly ducklings can still turn into beautiful swans. Let’s find out who got into “the list of the unfortunate”:

1. Beyoncé’s daughter – Blue Ivy Carter

Baby Blue Ivy is very similar to her father, Jay Z. She bears little resemblance to her mother, Beyoncé. Some fans are still sure the girl will grow up and show the world her beauty.

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2. Jennifer Lopez’ daughter – Emma Maribel

Emma took after her father, musician Mark Anthony. Unfortunately, nature decided little Maribel won’t look like her gorgeous mom, but we still don’t lose hope in the future – Emma will acquire Jennifer’s features with age. Probably.

3. Adam Sandler’s daughter – Sadie Madison

Fans adore Adam Sandler for his charisma and amazing sense of humor. Hopefully, these qualities are inherited by his daughter Sadie Madison. From an early age, the little cutie was unfortunate to get into the ratings of the ugliest celebrity children. It would be great if she grows up and shows everybody was mistaken.

4. Uma Thurman’s son – Levon Roan

Perhaps, even though he doesn’t look handsome, his smile is really cute.


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5. Bruce Willis’ daughters – Tallulah, Scout, and Rumer

Tallulah Willis said she hated her body when she was a teenager. The reason for that was simple – she claimed she didn’t look like models from the covers.

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6. Christina Aguilera’s son – Max Liron Bratman

Despite all the mocks, the boy grows cheerful, sociable and doesn’t care about the others’ opinions.

7. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s daughter - Shiloh

Angelina and Brad held the title of the most beautiful Hollywood couple when they were together. However, their biological daughter doesn’t seem to receive the honor of others regarding beauty. Hopefully, the girl will grow up, change that boy’s outfit and transform into a real model.

We are sure that over the years these children will prove to everyone they don’t necessarily have to be ideal to be happy. What do you think? Share your opinions in the comments!

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