Cynthia Germanotta: Who Is She, The Woman Who Presented Lady Gaga To The World?

Date September 14, 2018 10:04

Lady Gaga can be called a phenomenon of modern showbiz. She is young, talented, attractive, and extremely creative. The singer doesn’t only surprise us during official events, but with scenes from her daily life life, not to mention stage costumes.


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We are used to seeing her with bright makeup and original styles. Therefore, a natural question comes to mind: where could she have inherited such an extraordinary taste? Maybe from her mother?

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Публикация от Lady Gaga (@ladygaga)

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (Lady Gaga’s real name) was born in New York. Her father is a native Sicilian while her mother is a French Canadian. We all know how important family is to a true Italian. Her parents Joseph (Giuseppe in Italian) and Cynthia were her first dedicated fans. The extravagant actress should thank her father and mother for her early development and tremendous success.

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The resemblance between Cynthia and her daughter is surprising, although it is only possible to fully notice it when Lady Gaga looks natural. 

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Already a mature woman, Mrs. Germanotta doesn’t look her age – it’s hard to imagine her older daughter is already 32. Hardly anyone knows that as a child, Lady Gaga faced bullying from her peers. Her mother’s actions were key to protecting her from these negative attitudes. 

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Today, Cynthia is a founder and president of the non-profit organization The Born This Way Foundation. Her main goal is raising self-confidence in children, while also supporting their career aspirations. Cynthia knows how important it is from her daughter’s experience.

Cynthia Germanotta arrives at the Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services' 2018 Erasing The Stigma Leadership Awardsgettyimages

The organization was founded in 2012. Cynthia has been working on improving the well-being of young people and expanding their opportunities to create a more supportive atmosphere for six years already. Thanks to Lady Gaga’s many fans, The Born This Way Foundation has managed to establish cooperation with thousands of specialists in various fields and dozens of non-profit organizations closely linked to child psychology. Psychological support programs also help raise awareness on key issues and also provide financial support.

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Recently, Cynthia has been working on the Be Kind Be The Difference campaign, aimed at protecting and restoring mental health. Thanks to a series of training, people involved in the project teach youngsters to first provide psychological help to those who need it. Students learn to recognize suicidal intentions or the desire for self-harm, listen openly to the interlocutor, provide psychological support, as well as information on methods of increasing self-confidence and seeking professional help.

Cynthia is an amazing person. She raised two daughters and managed to cultivate a sense of self-esteem, dignity, kindness, and compassion in them. Germanotta teaches thousands of other people and succeeded in this field. Apart from that, she is extraordinarily attractive.

Did you know anything about Lady Gaga's mother? How did you imagine her? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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