Far From Ideal: Jennifer Lopez’ Fiancé Accidentally Exposed Her Fatty Tummy

Date November 14, 2018 17:42

Even the ideal celebrities may accidentally occur in an unpleasant situation when their perfection is at risk of failure. They also have bad days when they forget to do hair removal, gain a few extra pounds and just look tired and sleepy. And there is a respectable explanation for this – they are also people.

Some celebrities don’t mind looking imperfect. For example, Paris Jackson, Michael’s extravagant daughter, can easily appear in public with unshaven armpits, explaining her untidy image with “naturalness.”


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Michelle Obama also turned out to be seen with an annoying confusion. You can’t fight nature, so one day all people saw her sweaty armpits. Again, we are all humans! On the contrary, such situations bring celebrities closer to ordinary people, making it clear they aren’t perfect.

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However, just one improper photo can make haters rejoice, regardless if it is a natural phenomenon! This is exactly what has recently happened to Jennifer Lopez.


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The singer has recently made a business trip to Stanford with her fiancé Alex Rodriguez. She looked truly luxurious: tight turtleneck, pencil skirt, belted strap, white pumps.

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It may seem that all the clothes look quite ordinary, but Jennifer turned them into a magnificent composition on her stunning body. Moreover, she accompanied the fashionable outfit with a pair of stylish glasses!

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During the trip, Alex published several stories on his Instagram. Unfortunately, on one of the photos, he missed a very important detail. Jennifer was pictured with her visibly increased tummy. The attentive haters immediately rejoiced Lopez’ imperfection and started discussing the fail in the comments:

So where are all her workouts?

Perhaps, it is all about the abs, upgraded with Photoshop.


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Luckily, this is not the singer’s fault. Even the most slender people may have a small fatty layer, visible during an incorrect pose.


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Jennifer has repeatedly admitted that she devotes 7 days a week for exhausting training to keep her body fit. Moreover, she adores dancing. Therefore, dear haters, you can no longer doubt about her ideal body. Everyone has bad angles, so it is quite natural to be slightly different on some of the photos.

What do you think about the failed image? Was it all about the wrong angle? Share your opinions in the comments.

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