Guest From The Future: Kim Kardashian "Implanted" An Unusual Glowing Necklace Under The Skin


August 29, 2018 15:46 By Fabiosa

High fashion has always been one of the options for people’s self-expression, which is pointed out unambiguously by rather strange modern accessories and jewelry.

Designer Simon Huck, who is Kim Kardashian’s close friend, believes models will begin to implant jewelry under the skin in the near future.

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His experimental concept called A. Human has been recently introduced on the internet.

It was important for us to get everyone think about the future of fashion and to question the usual methods of self-expression.

As a part of this futuristic project, Kim Kardashian tried on an alien necklace, which is shimmering with lights in tune with the heartbeat. This decoration looks especially spectacular in the dark!

We must admit this accessory looks rather strange. However, this is what provides Kardashian with an unexpected style peculiarity.

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In addition to Kim, the celebrity models of A. Human's project were Andrea Pežić, Chrissie Teigen, and Tan France.

According to Simon Huck, implanted jewelry can very quickly become fashionable, as it will especially appeal to nightlife lovers.

Would you dare wearing something like that? Share your opinions in the comments!

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