Kim Kardashian Updated The Color Of Her Eyes And Began Resembling Megan Fox

Date August 20, 2018

Everyone has seen Kim Kardashian with a long and a short bob in white, pink, and even blue colors, with straight and curly hair!

And this particular image with her mom underlines Kim’s courage to experiment without fear.

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The phenomenal woman loves to shock the audience by changing the image. Her ridiculous outfits always attract attention and invariably become fashion trends, at least for a short time.

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Recently, Kim shared another unusual photo with a very strange signature:

I thought about killing you

We can only guess whom this unusual threat was addressed to, but we agree with the followers that this Kardashian’s image is unbelievably similar to another Hollywood cutie:

U look like Megan Fox!

I thought it was Megan Fox!

Megan Fox?

Yes, this Kim’s image has much in common with another fabulous woman.


Публикация от Megan Fox (@meganfox)

It is worth noting that with these bright eyes and Armenian roots, Kim looks very unusual. Her passion is trying to break loose, and find the prey to kill. Hopefully, only with her love.

Did you enjoy Kim’s new image? Don’t you think she mimics Megan Fox, or is it a sheer coincidence? Waiting for your opinions in the comments.

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