Madonna Shocked Her Fans With An Exhausting Image On Her Instagram A Day Before The 60th Anniversary

Date August 16, 2018

It is hard to believe but on August 16, our beloved Queen of Pop, Madonna, has turned 60 years old. On the day before the holiday, the fabulous singer decided to please her fans with another photo. Unfortunately, not all have appreciated the new image of the celebrity.


Публикация от Madonna (@madonna)

The singer signed her Instagram post with a quite interesting phrase:

Today I am wearing CAKE on my head! 2 More days...

After examining the photo more carefully, everything gets clear. Madonna’s headwear resembled a little cake indeed. Despite the colorful tones on the picture, the singer looked exhausted. Even the filters couldn’t hide the wrinkles in the corners of her lips and vivid bags under the eyes. The hollow cheeks and an extinct look also didn’t allow Madonna to impress all of her fans.

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The haters were horrified with the celebrity’s appearance:

You look like an old woman!

It's time for a facelift!

Please, don’t get old.


Публикация от Madonna (@madonna)

People hope this was just a singer’s trick and her photo was edited in Photoshop to make her image tired.

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Here is a photo for comparison: young Madonna with her son.


Публикация от Madonna (@madonna)

Another photo from the past.


Публикация от Madonna (@madonna)

Even though she is already not as young as we got used to seeing her, we want to congratulate the superstar on her 60th anniversary. We hope that regardless of age, she would forever remain the same hot thing as before!

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