Meghan Markle Appeared In Public In A Maxi Dress. Does It Suit Her?

Date October 17, 2018 18:54

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have finally started their long-awaited tour! The first stop was Sydney, Australia. First of all, Royal fans, keep your eyes on the Duchess’ choice of outfits. On the first day, Meghan managed to change already two of them. In the morning, she opted for a tight white midi dress that accentuated her tiny pregnant tummy.

Meghan Markle Appeared In Public In A Maxi Dress. Does It Suit Her?gettyimages

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After dinner, she changed her outfit, gathering loose hair in her favorite bun, and replacing the white dress with a khaki one. This time, Meghan tried a pleated shirt dress from Brandon Maxwell.

Previously, Megan used to wear shorter length. However, the maxi dress in Sydney turned out to be simply amazing since the Duchess looked great in it!

The free cut allowed her to hide the little tummy, which is already attracting the paparazzi’s attention. By the way, the price of this dress is £1,728. Quite expensive, but isn’t surprising since it is from the designer’s latest collection. The dress' distinction is underlined with its style, since it can be worn to both official and casual events.

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Meghan complemented her image with beige pumps, as well as beautiful earrings and a bracelet that previously belonged to Princess Diana.

Did you enjoy Meghan’s choice of dress length? Does it suit her? Share your opinions in the comments.

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