Meghan Markle's Brother, Thomas Jr., Revealed His Final Position Towards The Neverending Family Drama

Date August 16, 2018

Even though the Duchess of Sussex has a rather large family, she preferred to avoid contacting with almost all of her representatives, except her mother, Doria Ragland – the only Markle family representative at the wedding in May 2018.


Little did we know that the former actress had a father, a half-brother and a half-sister until the celebration of the wedding itself. As it turned out, getting to know Meghan’s family closer wasn’t quite a pleasant experience. Samantha and Markle Sr. miss no opportunity to appear in the media. Thomas Jr. revealed himself quite unexpectedly just before the long-awaited ceremony.

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The man had a quiet life in recent years. The only dirty stain was an accusation against his girlfriend. The former Thomas’ wife, who was married to him for over ten years, also mentioned about his alcohol addiction he got rid of a few years ago. Earlier, it was reported he was pretty close to Megan, but the royal’s representatives denied this information, mentioning the half-siblings hardly ever communicated.

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The “show” began just before the ceremony. Thomas Jr. addressed a message to Prince Harry to cancel the wedding. The handwritten text appeared on the web just a few weeks before the celebration.

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51-year-old Thomas is not the only relative offended with Meghan’s ignorance regarding the wedding ceremony. Samantha Markle repeatedly gave incriminating interviews and wrote unpleasant messages about Megan in social networks. The Duchess’ father collaborated with the media quite actively. It is reportedly said that he received a pretty good remuneration for such “talkativeness.”

However, the man didn’t hide the fact he had planned to spend part of his money for a trip to London to meet his daughter. Nevertheless, the patience of the royal family is not eternal, especially considering how unflattering Mr. Markle was about Princess Diana.

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Later on, Thomas Jr. appeared on the covers of a few popular magazines once again. In particular, during a conversation with the Mirror journalists, he shared some family memories. Meghan’s brother mentioned the Duchess had always been a favorite for their common father but seemed to abuse the parental love. Thomas Jr. called his half-sister cruel and selfish. He stated she didn’t want to give anything in return to the person who spent his life to bring her up. Samantha also didn’t miss a chance to spoke about Megan’s insincere and disgusting behavior, ironically almost simultaneously with her brother. The woman also suggested Harry and Megan’s relationship wouldn’t last long.


What about Meghan? What does the Duchess think about this? According to a few publications, she is quite embarrassed by what is happening. The silence from Kensington Palace and the royal family shows that none of its representatives intends to react to the Markles’ insults.

Well, none of the families can live without conflicts. However, if it is a loving union, problems are usually solved not in such loud ways. We don’t know exactly about the Markles’ goals, and may only wonder how badly the Duchess’ reputation was influenced by such unreasonable attacks. We hope all the family drama participants will be able to find a compromise and forget about mutual insults quite soon.

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