Most Famous Russian Celebrity Couple: 27-Year Age Difference Is Not A Problem When You Bring Up Adorable 5-Year-Old Twins

Date August 16, 2018

Every country has the peculiar celebrities whose lives are followed very closely. The Kardashians are extremely popular in the US, the royal family – in the United Kingdom. Russia also has a couple whose relations are precisely observed by the entire country. This is Alla Pugacheva and her family. Have you ever heard about her? This woman is called the Diva of the Russian stage because of her magical voice. Even though she finished her singing career eight years ago, people are still incredibly interested in her personal life.

She is 69 years old, and she is married to a man who is 27 years younger. The couple brings up charming 5-year-old twins, whose photos are constantly shared in the social networks. Some people adore the cute family; others hate it. However, one thing is clear – there is no more other famous celebrity couple in the Russian show business than this one.

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Pugacheva was born in 1949. At the age of five, the girl had already shown excellent musical skills. From that time, she played the piano and continued developing her talent. Having graduated from the school, the girl wanted to become a singer, so she entered a music school. Her first performances on the stage started from that early age.

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In 1974, she became a participant of her first and last band and performed the song “Harlequin,” which brought her unprecedented success. After leaving the group in 1976, Alla began a solo career. Her subsequent glorious road included movies, new successful hits, records and even amazing union with Joe Dassin. After that, the young singer began her active tours around the US and Europe.

In 1995, Alla released a farewell album but left the stage finally only in 2010. Eight years have passed since that time, but the legendary artist still makes the entire country talking about her.

Not only has she been amazingly successful on the stage, but her personal life was also full of ridiculous events. The mass media never stopped talking about her numerous affairs, even though she was officially married only five times.

Alla’s fifth husband, a famous Russian comedian, Max Galkin is 27 years younger than she is. The couple met in 2001 but officially married only in 2011. The age difference between Alla and Max shocked the public immediately. Nobody believed their relationship would be successful, but they managed to prove the sincerity of their feelings.

Two years after the wedding, the couple announced they would soon become parents. Wow! Is it even possible to get pregnant at such age? It turned out that Alla had decided to perform oocyte cryopreservation to be able to give birth to a child with the help of a surrogate mother. The happy family welcomed baby twins on September 18, 2013.

The boy was named Harry and the girl – Lisa.

They are fabulous stars for their subscribers in the social networks.

The children are simply adorable, aren’t they?

Max Galkin built a real castle for his wife in the suburbs of Moscow, where they bring up their children and just enjoy their time rest away from the public.

That is a ridiculous relationship, isn’t it? What impression did this family make on you? Do you believe in a happy relationship if a woman is much older? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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