Most Wild Conspiracy Theories Around The Royal Family Supported With The Real Facts

Date August 20, 2018

The leader of any country can’t be ideal for the simple reason of being an ordinary person. However, a person may behave so perfectly that the public starts generating various conspiracy theories, trying to accuse their leader of certain sins. As for the British royal family, we have already considered some scandalous incidents in its history, but what about even more wild rumors.

1. The plan to conquer America

After Harry and Meghan’s wedding ceremony, the couple received their long-awaited titles – Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The divorced American officially became a part of the royal family.


Most of the people were delighted with the new international union, but there were some who didn’t consider anything pleasant in this marriage. Thus, on the day of the engagement announcement, Twitter users witnessed an amusing theory revealing a long-term plan for Britain to conquer the United States.


Harry’s children will be Americans. What if one of them will run for the US president and at the same time receive the right to become the owner of the throne? The wildest conspiracy supporters suppose the British play the long-term game and want to return America under their control.

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2. Harry’s real father

The fact that both of Diana’s sons look more like her and her close relatives is clear evidence. However, it is also a well-known fact the Windsors, unlike the young Princes, are mostly dark-haired.


This gave the reason to think that Harry is the princess’ illegitimate child. The most possible “real” father for the Duke of Sussex could be James Hewitt, Diana’s close friend. Both men bear external similarities, creating another conspiracy theory. However, the alleged beloved immediately denied the rumors. Moreover, Prince Charles would have hardly ever taken care of someone else’s son.

3. Queen Victoria’s love child


Royal family members have always been suspected of having extramarital love affairs, and in some cases, the accusations were confirmed. The story of Queen’s sister, Princess Margaret is the most recent vivid example. However, even more mysterious story happened during the reign of Queen Victoria. People started calling the confusing experience “Mrs. Brown child.” Historian Steven Runciman reported that he had found evidence of a marriage between the two beloveds in archival documents. He also claimed Victoria had given birth to a girl exactly from this relationship, from mysterious John Brown.

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4. Diana and Charles’s daughter

Just a few months after the wedding, Prince Charles and Princess Diana announced they were expecting their first child. However, some media soon reported that newborn William had already had an older sister named Sarah!


The background of the story was quite reasonable. Before the engagement, the royal family had to make sure about Diana’s ability to become a mother. According to rumors, the girl and her future husband were asked for genetic material. To finish the inspection the experts developed viable embryos in laboratory conditions.


It was believed Charles ordered to get rid of them after the experiment, but one of the experts who had access to the materials secretly made his wife a surrogate mother for the miraculously saved biological child of the Prince.

5. Diana’s fourth pregnancy


The tragic death of Princess Diana in 1997 became a grief for the whole country, and not just for her relatives. The fact that the circumstances of the incident haven’t yet been clarified (or not made public) opened the way for dozens of conspiracy theories that could probably satisfy the public curiosity. One of them claimed that Charles' former wife was pregnant from her new lover, Dodi Al-Fayed.

6. Prince Charles is a vampire


The first in line for the British throne, Queen Elizabeth’s heir has an extraordinary sense of humor. A good joke allows him to avoid unpleasant conversations or evade a topic that he doesn’t intend to discuss. Some time ago, it was revealed that Charles helped develop tourism in the Transylvanian direction and even claimed about his distant relationship with the real Romanian leader, who became the prototype for the legendary character Count Dracula. And guess what, he was soon offered the title – Prince of Transylvania. Most likely, these were all jokes, but since that time, Charles was sometimes regarded as a vampire.

7. Diana was afraid of her husband


Some publications reported that in one of her letters Princess Diana hinted that her husband was preparing a murderous assault. The note allegedly was addressed to Paul Barrel, Diana’s former butler, who kept it until 2003. However, the authenticity of this document is questioned.

Of course, the royal family life is still a great mystery. It is always interesting to know what happens behind the closed palace doors. However, some rumors simple amaze with their improbability, and will forever remain just legends.

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