Not A Princess From A Fairytale: Royal Spouses With The Scandalous Past

Date September 18, 2018

People are always interested in the royals’ lives, especially if the person used to be a “commoner.” Despite all the logic laws, many of them became very successful members of the royal families. However, each of these women has a few not the most pleasant facts in her biography, she would hardly ever share by herself.

1. Sarah Ferguson

Duchess of York had been married to the Queen’s second son, Prince Andrew, for ten years. During this time, she managed to welcome him two daughters and a lot of troubles, which started even before the wedding. The girl’s reputation was far from ideal. At her own graduation, she swam naked in the school pool and even didn’t stop visiting various parties after that. Ferguson didn’t expect she would ever marry a prince because before she met him, she had already had several serious affairs.

Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of Yorkgettyimages

2. Queen Letizia

The Spanish didn’t immediately accept Felipe’s choice to marry Letizia. Although she has soon managed to achieve public love and respect, they didn’t forget that before the meeting with the Prince, the famous TV presenter had a rich relationship record. Letizia had been dating her schoolteacher for ten years, married him, and soon divorced. She posed topless and was rumored to have made an illegal abortion.

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Letizia of Spain receives president of Portugal Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa at Zarzuela Palacegettyimages

3. Queen Máxima

The future King of the Netherlands Willem-Alexander and native Argentinian, Máxima met at a party in Seville. At first, she didn’t know she was spending time with the heir to the throne. Máxima received an excellent education and built a successful career in the banking sector. At the same time, she is the daughter of one of the ministers from Videla’s dictatorial regime. Thousands of Argentines were repressed during the infamous ruling of the hateful president.

Queen Maxima of The Netherlands attend the G20 Workshop of the Global Partnershipgettyimages

4. Marie Christine Princess Michael of Kent

Marie Christine is well-known for numerous affairs and rudeness, but those aren’t all of her “hidden rocks.” The father of the Queen’s cousin’s wife was an officer of the Nazi army, while she was a Catholic and had already been married before she met the prince. Having no hope to ascend to the throne, she continued to lead a rampant life and constantly cheated on her husband.

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Princess Michael of Kent arrives by carriage to Royal Ascotgettyimages

5. Grace Kelly

The Princess of Monaco has long been considered a role model of a perfect princess. Before her acquaintance with Rainier III, Kelly was a successful and desired actress and was dating the famous designer Oleg Cassini. Moreover, she had had even more stormy affairs before that and was said to accept the prince’s courtship only to annoy the unfaithful lover. Numerous pre-marital relationships remained the reason why her husband’s family never accepted the girl as a new relative.

American actress Grace Kellygettyimages

6. Wallis Simpson

The story of this woman shocked the world community at the beginning of the XX century when the incumbent King of Great Britain renounced the throne for the sake of marrying her. Wallis was a Catholic and lived in the East for a long time. Before getting to know Edward VIII, she was married twice. Moreover, she supported Nazi Germany and was friendly with Adolf Hitler. However, Queen Elizabeth wouldn’t have become the ruling royal unless Wallis Simpson appeared in her brother’s life.


7. Kate Middleton

Regardless of how unexpected it may sound, Kate is known as a party animal, attending several parties with her sister, Pippa, who always knew how to entertain herself. However, that isn’t something the Duchess of Cambridge is ashamed most of all. Her uncle, Gary Goldsmith, had repeatedly appeared in the epicenter of scandals involving the use of banned substances. He was noticed with women of pleasure for several times and was accused of domestic violence.

Kate Middleton, standing, in blue dress suitgettyimages

Even though princesses, queens, and duchesses may seem ideal, in reality, they have also been ordinary people. How do you think, should all royal family members have an impeccable reputation? Share your opinions in the comments.

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