“Our Intimate Life Has Become Even Richer.” Enrique Iglesias Gave A Revealing Interview For The First Time


October 11, 2018 15:58 By Fabiosa

Enrique Iglesias has recently given a large-scale concert in Ukraine. According to eyewitnesses, the event was truly memorable particularly because of the singer’s surprising behavior.

During the concert, one of his ardent fans climbed onto the stage to make a photo with Enrique. The singer couldn’t come up with anything better than to give the girl a passionate kiss. The fans got worried: is everything all right in his relationship with Anna Kournikova?


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The couple has been together for about 17 years, so it would be very sad if such an imprudent act ruined their relationship.

Anna and Enrique are raising a pair of beautiful twins. The kids will turn 1 in December this year!

Luckily, it seems that the family endured. Recently, Enrique gave a very frank interview about his affairs with Anna:

We still have a lot of sex in our everyday life. I would say we have it even more than ever. Of course, like any couple, we have ups and downs; not everything is perfect. Luckily, everything is fine right now.

Earlier, Enrique admitted that Anna is an excellent mother. He admires her approach to the children’s upbringing.

Well, it is nice to hear that the singer and the tennis player are OK in their relationship. Hopefully, the couple will keep their love strong and long lasting to provide the kids with a happy childhood!

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