Princess Eugenie Opted For A Wierd Piece Of Accessory Visually Looking Like A Unibrow

Date August 15, 2018 15:25

If you think all public appearances of the princesses should be fashionable and ideal, you are greatly mistaken. In reality, things sometimes go wrong, and the chosen image doesn’t always appear to be stylish. Princess Eugenie has recently become a vivid example of such misunderstanding.


For now, the Princess is intensively preparing for her wedding in October. Together with her sister, Princess Beatrice, Eugenie has recently taken part in the photo shoot for Vogue magazine. She doesn’t stop sharing the best moments of her life on Instagram, doesn’t really care about the serious royal affairs, and of course, enjoys experimenting with her style!

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The Princess has appeared with her groom recently in a very peculiar image. During the public event, Eugenie chose a soft blue dress of midi length, accompanied with a white jacket. The image was complemented by light sandals with high heels and another very strange accessory. The royal family member was wearing weird black sunglasses.

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At first glance, they might look like completely ordinary and stylish accessory, however, let’s analyze Eugenie’s choice more deeply. Black glasses are circled with a white outline, resembling a monocle, which certainly doesn’t make the image quite feminine. However, the weirdest part is located in the frame of the glasses. The upper bar, which holds the accessory together, visually resembles a unibrow.

Did Eugenie want to achieve exactly this effect? We guess she didn’t, as the experiment with the glasses doesn’t look particularly successful. They are too dark to fit the chosen image. We have no idea why they attracted the Princess’ attention, but she certainly knows better how she wants to see her outfit.

What do you think about it? Did you like these glasses? Would you wear them if you knew they are very fashionable? Share your opinion in the comments.

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