Queen Elizabeth II Chooses This Piece Of Jewelry For Almost All Events!

Date October 1, 2018

The Queen’s restrained style has become a standard of elegance for already a few generations. She prefers monochrome outfits in pastel tones, which she effectively complements with various accessories and gorgeous jewelry. Leslie Field wrote in her book "The Queen's Jewels: the Personal Collection Of Elizabeth II" that Her Majesty has more than 1,000 items at her disposal. The Queen allows her relatives to wear some of them, but it seems there are several items in her collection that she will never give to anyone.


The most precious one is, surely, the engagement ring. Prince Philip used the diamonds from his mother’s tiara to design the jewelry for his beloved one. On the day of the official ascension to the throne in 1953, Her Majesty wore a crown made in the 13th century. However, it isn’t the most unique item in Elizabeth’s collection. She also owns several encrusted swords, as well as a myriad of tiaras, necklaces, rings, earrings, and brooches. The exact value of Elizabeth’s jewelry is unknown, but it is estimated to be over $5 billion!

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The monarch appears in public regularly. Thanks to the photos, taken during numerous events, people noticed an interesting trend. The Queen has been true to her habits for decades. Her Majesty prefers clothes of a similar style, acquires bags and shoes of the same style for many years. She even created a kind of a “uniform” for herself, even though she constantly changes the colors of her outfits.


However, when talking about the jewelry collection, it became clear that the Queen adores pearls. They look modest and elegant at the same time; don’t attract excessive attention; fit all the Queen’s outfits.


Perhaps, for this reason, for almost all official events, except for ceremonial ones, she wears a tender necklace with three strands of pearls. Have you noticed this peculiarity of her everyday image?

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The Queen owns a few almost identical necklaces of a similar type, which could also be noticed from numerous photos. One of them is the gift from her grandfather, King George V. The second, with larger pearls, she probably received at a mature age, presumably after the coronation. Another one was a gift from the Emir of Qatar.


A pearl necklace is an excellent choice for every day. This jewelry provides finesse and complete image, making the Queen look rather inconspicuous and modest. During the special occasions, however, the everyday sets are replaced with luxurious accessories. We have chosen some of the most solemn ones for your attention:


1. Aquamarines set

2. Wedding tiara

3. Set with sapphires and diamonds

4. Ruby set

5. Tiara with pearls and diamonds

Many women must be dreaming of a similar collection. What about you? Which piece of the Queen’s jewelry do you fancy the most? Share your impressions in the comments.

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