Royal Weekends: Where And How The Dukes Of Sussex Spend Their Free Time

Date September 25, 2018

The life of former actress Meghan Markle was rich even before marrying Prince Harry. Never-ending photo sessions, various formal and informal events, hundreds of friends, social work, blogging, and numerous hobbies occupied almost all of her time.

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However, the wedding with Prince Harry changed the woman's lifestyle drastically. Now, she is an official representative of the British royal family, with her every movement carefully watched by the entire world.

People may consider such sequence of events magical, but it actually has its dark side as well. She refused from her former life, plunged into an atypical environment and was forced to change not only habits but her attitude towards them.

The first months weren’t easy for the Duchess. Some of Megan’s public appearances, in the status of the Prince’s bride, were met with much criticism since she violated the protocol repeatedly. Apart from that, she had to cope with the situation concerning her father and other relatives. The first public appearance together with the Queen was also quite memorable since the girl had to make an immaculate impression.

Body language experts regularly analyzed her behavior and relationships with new relatives. Fortunately, Markle was getting more and more confident in a new role and even managed to acquire allies in the palace. Queen Elizabeth showed her appeal towards the Duchess; Kate Middleton set a good example; Prince Charles became almost her main fan in the family.

Meghan and Harry’s public life doesn’t prevent them from enjoying the ordinary moments of their marriage happiness. Young people carefully protect their privacy, but get constantly interfered by media who want to find out everything about their life.

After the engagement announcement, the couple began to live in the Nottingham cottage – a small and cozy mansion, belonging to the royal family. It has only two bedrooms, several halls, a compact bathroom, and a kitchen. William and Kate were its former residents, but they moved to a more spacious apartment a few months after George’s birth.

Soon after the wedding, people began to rumor that Elizabeth II had made them another gift, in addition to the titles. To the east of Windsor Castle, on the monasteries belonging, there is a luxurious Adelaide cottage. It is an ancient building, dating back to the 1830s. This mansion with several bedrooms is considered one of the most beautiful due to the rich decorations. Its walls have even witnessed the meeting of Elizabeth’s sister, Princess Margaret with her beloved Peter Townsend.

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Some publications also wrote that shortly after the wedding, Harry and Megan rented a house in a small and picturesque Cotswolds in West England. According to rumors, the Dukes of Sussex visit this place on weekends.


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More recently, the media has received another insider information about how the Dukes prefer to rest. When Harry and Megan stay in London, they are engaged in quite ordinary things. The Duchess loves to cook and doesn’t miss the opportunity to please her husband with home-cooked meals.

Like every woman, she also visits her stylist and attends Pilates classes, dressed in a way not to be recognized.

Not so long ago, she was even claimed to be noticed with a dog. However, Internet users quickly denied this since dogs aren’t Meghan’s favorite pets.

Overall, Megan and Harry have learned to conceive their privacy to enjoy their everyday life.

What about you? What would you do if you had their titles, money, and fame? What would be your weekends? Share your opinions in the comments.

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