She Is A Man: 7 Transgender Models That Achieved Great Success

Date October 24, 2018 14:30

A single look at these girls will take your breath away. Hardly anyone would guess that these gorgeous beauties used to be men. Today, we have prepared a compilation of the most successful and charismatic transgender people who managed to become successful in the world of cinema and fashion.


People decide to change their gender because they consider their biological sex different from their personal gender identity. A man can psychologically identify himself as a woman and vice versa. Transgenderism isn’t considered a pathology or disease and often takes root during the fetus formation. National Transgender Discrimination Survey claims that there are at least 700,000 transgender people in the United States. The first transgender woman was Lili Elbe, whose story was told in the film “The Danish Girl.” Unfortunately, Lili died soon after the change, but 50 years after, the doctors found a way to perform such surgeries with less health risk.

And now let’s find out who managed to become a transgender and achieve great success in a “different role.”

Ines Rau

The French model dared to perform a gender change operation at the age of 15. Ines is actively taking part in naked photo sessions, showing her slender body. Rau has even become a model of the month in Playboy magazine.



Andreja Pejic

Famous fashion houses and designers are fighting for the opportunity to work with this model. Initially, the Australian worked as an androgynous model, but in 2014 Andreja underwent a gender change operation. Her mother supported the girl in such a difficult decision.

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Isis King

The American fashion model participated in two seasons of the popular TV show America's Next Top Model. Tyra Banks was so inspired by the girl’s determination that she decided to support Isis and paid for the operation.



Jenna Talackova

The model's decision became an important step in how society views transgender people. Jenna Talackova participated in the contest Miss Canada, the qualifying round before Miss Universe. However, it soon became clear that Jenna was a man, which was strictly forbidden. Luckily, under the fans’ pressure, the patron of the competition, Donald Trump, was forced to make a few amendments to the rules, allowing transgender people to participate in such events. The girl didn’t win but understood she won something more important.

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Laverne Cox

This African-American actress will make everyone envy her with the lifestyle she leads. Laverne is best known for the role of Sophia Burset in the TV series Orange is the New Black, which landed her the Emmy award. When Laverne began to be aware of herself, she tried to commit suicide. However, the girl overcame all personal struggles and is now at the peak of fame. By the way, the actress has a twin brother.



Caitlyn Jenner

Kim Kardashian’s stepfather has tried to reach his goal for a long time, doing his best to accept himself as a man. As a result, he was married three times and has six children. However, in 2015, the man appeared in public as a woman, calling himself a transgender named Caitlyn.



Carmen Carrera

Now, no one will recognize an ordinary guy called Christopher in this seductive model. During one of the TV shows, the guy confessed to being gay, but he soon understood that he was a transgender. That is how Carmen was born. All this time, the girl was supported by her partner, who soon married the stunning model.



As you can see, the main thing is to go with your heart, and not to be afraid of condemnation of those around you. This is how you can overpower any obstacles.

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