"That’s Where You’ve Inherited Your Beauty!" Carla Bruni’s 88-Year-Old Mother Made A Sensational Appearance In A Swimsuit On The Web

Date September 12, 2018

Stunning model, amazing singer, and the wife of the ex-president of France, Carla Bruni has recently published a fabulous beach photo of her mother.

88-year-old Marisa Borini in a pink swimsuit shocked web users with her youthful appearance and a slender body.

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Who else knows the girl would be just as beautiful at 88? Would anyone guess this girl is 88 years old? This amazing feeling when my 88-year-old incredible mother presents a film at a Venice Film Festival and then goes swimming in Lido.

It’s true, the Italian actress and pianist looks mesmerizing. In comments under the photo, Bruni-Sarkozy’s subscribers complimented the woman and admired the fact she still leads an active lifestyle.

That’s where you inherited your beauty!

Maybe you wanted to write "58," but got mistaken?

What an amazing mom! You should be proud of her.

Carla Bruni is one of the most famous and demanded models of the 80-90s. Her pleasant voice tone and graceful body conquered the hearts of millions influential men, including ex-president of France Nicolas Sarkozy.

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After becoming the first lady of the country, Carla was forced to abandon many of the usual things. So, Bruni wasn’t recommended to continue her modeling career, performing on the stage, and even wearing high heels.

It seems that Carla was incredibly lucky with genetics. Her charming mother really can’t help causing admiration. We can only wish Marisa long years of life, good health, and stay energetic and positive!

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