The "Mad Hatter" Of The Royal Family: Princess Beatrice's Most Memorable Pieces Of Headwear

Date August 20, 2018

Many royal families’ members, as well as the first ladies of the countries, are recognized throughout the world as respected style icons. It’s no secret that today the most popular representatives of the British nobility are Kate and Megan. However, there are also a lot of other beauties in the royal family with a wonderful taste in clothes.


Princess Beatrice celebrated her 30th anniversary on August 8, 2018. After the birth of Prince Louis, she became the eighth heir for the British throne.

After graduating from Goldsmith College, the girl began to build a career in a bit different direction than her relatives. Beatrice’ father was concerned about the unstable position of daughters in comparison to William and Harry. That is why he encouraged Eugenie and her sister to search for their place in life in every possible way. That is why Beatrice has recently obtained the position of vice-president for partnership and strategic development in Afiniti.


Just a few years ago, Beatrice and her younger sister, Eugenie, were showing off to the public their spectacular outfits. They enjoyed sharing their own fashionable preferences and took advantage of going off the protocol due to their not too close relation to the crown.

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Both girls were the fans of rather extravagant styles and complemented each image with a significant piece of accessory. As you know, royal family members must appear in hats at the official events. This is where Beatrice could be rightfully considered one of the most exquisitely dressed British princesses.


Nevertheless, the sisters soon began to follow the dressing protocol, as they understood the need for official relation to the crown. They began to prefer the classic outfits and started approaching the choice of colors and accessories more carefully.

The sisters’ former stylist, Charlie Anderson, shared his memories of the girls’ personal view on their images. They were never afraid to experiment, although they were often criticized as by the public as by the fashion experts. However, Eugenie has recently decided to opt for the restrained colors, highlighted with the peculiar features of the fashion from the 60s. Beatrice chose to be more laconic, wearing quite modest outfits, but still didn’t lose her passion for floral prints.


Beatrice has always got along very well with Kate. However, the Duchess didn’t manage to share her elegant taste and sense of style with the relative. Nevertheless, the Queen’s granddaughter is still believed to start her transformation thanks to another royal family member – Megan Markle. With her appearance, we began to notice the drastic changes in Beatrice’ wardrobe.

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In conclusion, we suggest recalling a few adorable Beatrice’ hats.

Asymmetric headwear became the Christmas morning decoration in 2005.


Luxurious feathers during the Queen’s birthday in 2007.


The princess wore even more complex model at the royal horse race in 2008.


The famous hat-bow in 2011 during Kate and William’s wedding.


One of Beatrice's last significant appearances with a weird hat, took place at the Trooping the Color parade in 2016, during the Queen’s 90th anniversary.


Some people are born with an impeccable taste while others have to work it out. Princess Beatrice and Eugenie began to look much more elegant than before, and this may indicate they will soon compete with Kate and Meghan for the title of the royal style icon.

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