Unvarnished: 51-Year-Old Nicole Kidman Shared Her Everyday Image Without Makeup And Instagram Filters


October 11, 2018 16:00 By Fabiosa

The majority of celebrities are often blamed for having a huge team of stylists and image-makers that make them look dazzling anywhere anytime.


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Perhaps, tired of such statements, more and more celebrities share their everyday photos without makeup, special haircuts, and Instagram filters.

Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman doesn’t spoil her subscribers with a lot of photos, so every selfie of the 51-year-old superstar becomes a real event for her fans.


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On October 9, 2018, the actress posted a photo taken on a wild beach on her Instagram page.


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As Kidman reported, she is now enjoying life in the Mexican town of Cabo San Lucas. The 51-year-old actress looks very natural without makeup and amazes with her stunning beauty and youthful appearance.


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Nicole has never been ashamed of exposing herself with an ordinary haircut and no makeup! Can you do the same? Would you dare show your face without makeup and any Instagram filters? Share your photos in the comments!

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