Victoria Beckham Appeared In Australian Vogue In A Risqué Outfit And Talked About Her “Fifth Child” For The First Time

Date October 17, 2018 18:41

Victoria Beckham is an amazing woman. Even though the extremely popular group, Spice Girls, ceased to exist almost 20 years ago, she has managed to become even more popular than in her youth. Victoria is the wife of a former successful football player, a loving mother of four children, and a successful designer. Her demanded fashion brand has already celebrated its 10th anniversary.

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Successful people are always in the spotlight, not only because of their achievements, but also because of various rumors surrounding them. The Beckhams are no exception. In recent years, speculation about their imminent divorce appeared quite often. Nevertheless, Victoria and David constantly deny them and even prove how strong their marriage is.

Just recently, Victoria’s family appeared on the cover of British Vogue. And now, the inspiring mother has become its main focus again. This time, she gave an interview for the Australian edition.

Victoria Beckham is famous for her conservative and restrained style. However, she still knows how to surprise the fans in an unusual way. Her revealing outfit chosen for the photo session resembled underwear with a nude bustier, and the usual elegant makeup was replaced by brighter colors. Victoria looked very seductive!

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The interview also turned out to be interesting, although the designer chose to talk less about her personal life, but decided to focus on the fashion world, since it became the most rewarding and enjoyable occupation after her performance career. She couldn’t have even imagined what a successful designer she would become when she first started the brand. This anniversary year, Victoria presented her collection at Paris Fashion Week.

In the interview with Australian Vogue, Beckham talked about how much she worked on developing her brand. She mentioned that over the past years she had never been on a lengthy vacation, always being online and ready to deal with any issues. The designer even called her fashion brand her “fifth child.” Not so long ago, internet users got wind of rumors about a possible fifth pregnancy of the former pop star. Although never confirmed, she has recently confessed about her true “fifth child.”

As a part of the interview, Victoria did talk a little about how she and David are raising their children. The Beckhams turned out to be quite strict parents, but they never forbid their sons and daughter from expressing themselves.

What do you think: does Victoria have any secrets that helped her achieve such success? She said she mainly attributes it to the absence of fear, the desire to do more for women than fellow designers, and willingness to move along your own path.

When 10 years ago Victoria decided to devote herself to the fashion world, many were skeptical about her choice, as this is a game with rather rigid rules. Nevertheless, the former pop star has proven to everyone that dreams can be fulfilled if you move towards it purposefully, without giving up even during the difficult stages. Victoria turned from a girl in a concert mini-dress to one of the most successful style icons.

What do you think about this: do you like Victoria’s taste in the clothes she creates? Share your opinions in the comments.

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