Victoria Beckham Is Reportedly Pregnant With The Fifth Child! What Is The Reason For The Rumors?

Date October 1, 2018 09:27

Recently, there have been rumors about Victoria and David Beckham's upcoming divorce. However, now, insiders report that the 44-year-old British designer has become pregnant from her 43-year-old husband for the fifth time.

Let’s find out whether it is true or just another attempt to attract the public's attention!

According to Closer, the fifth child of Beckhams family should be supposedly born in March next year. Here are the arguments they provide, referring to the friends of the famous couple:

They have recently called some close people and threw a special celebration. David claimed he would become a father for the fifth time with tears in his eyes.

The source also said that, most likely, it is about to be a girl. It is assumed that she will be named after the designer’s second name – Caroline.

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Too sweet to be true! In our opinion, the friends simply misunderstood David’s statement. Perhaps it was his wife’s new collection that he called the “fifth child." Victoria Beckham "nurtured" her latest "baby" carefully for a long time since it was the tenth anniversary of the fashion brand.

However, what if Victoria is pregnant indeed? It has already become a rule: as soon as there are family problems in the Beckham family, they welcome another child to this world. The Beckham couple has trusted this method for many years!

What do you think David meant when he spoke of the “fifth child?” Share your opinions in the comments!

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