What Is Gosling Thinking? Previously Hot 44-Year-Old Eva Mendes Turned Into An Ordinary Cuban Wife

Date October 8, 2018

We’ve got used to Eva Mendes always looking seductive and astonishing. She used to know how to attract men’s attention.

Previously, each of her public appearances was a tremendous event for all her fans.


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However, everything changed after she met Ryan Gosling in 2011.


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Recently, the 44-year-old actress said she was going to sacrifice her career to devote more time to communication with her little daughters – 2-year-old Amada and 4-year-old Esmeralda. Well, unfortunately, it seems like Eva didn’t lie!

Quite recently, paparazzi pictured the Gosling-Mendes family on a walk in Los Angeles. Eva was far from the look of the hot seductress she used to be previously. Most likely, she resembled a typical Cuban woman.


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Fans don’t stop asking one questions: What was Ryan thinking? Is it something he wanted to achieve? Though, judging by Mendes’ smile, everything seems fine in their relationship indeed!

What do you think, does the 44-year-old actress have the right to relax a bit and restrain from her seductive look for a while? Or should she always look immaculate, even during a family walk?

Should Eva always look her best to keep Ryan’s love? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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