Why Not? 51-Year-Old Salma Hayek Got Married Again!

Date August 31, 2018

Salma Hayek and her husband François-Henri Pinault got married again during their vacation on the islands. The unexpected ceremony was prepared by the actress’ spouse as a surprise.

51-year-old Hayek shared a memorable event in the social networks. She thought it would be an ordinary spa day and didn’t expect anything unusual. Salma was pleasantly surprised when François organized a romantic wedding ceremony on the beach.

That’s what the celebrity shared on her Instagram.

The summer is coming to an end and my best moment was when my husband surprised me with a vow renewal - it was not what I would have chosen to wear to my wedding but I was told I was going to the spa!

So, dressed in a light red dress and usual slippers, Salma celebrated the ninth marriage anniversary with the French businessman. Their 10-year-old daughter Valentina was also present there as a witness.

During the ceremony, the couple blessed their marriage with water from shells and exchanged identical bracelets made of tropical leaves.

Their daughter threw flowers into the air, smiling at the happy parents.

At the end of the ceremony, Salma threw her bride’s bouquet, which, of course, was caught by her daughter, Valentina!

What could be better than a wedding at the end of summer on a tropical island!

If you have loved someone for 9 years, it can’t be a bad idea to marry him again. God bless the married!

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Salma Hayek