Winona Ryder Revelaed The Possible Reason Why Keanu Reeves Hasn't Got Married Yet

Date August 22, 2018

Keanu Reeves fans have long been tormented by the question: Why the 53-year-old actor isn’t bothered to get married?

Winona Ryder has recently given an unexpected response at a press conference on the release of the film 'Destination Wedding'.

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Keanu is supposed to be secretly married for already more than 25 years! Moreover, until recently, the actor even didn’t know it!

It turns out, Reeves and Winona were married back in 1992. Even though this wedding was filmed for the movie 'Dracula', where the actors played the main roles, there is no reason to think it was unrealistic!

According to Winona, director Francis Ford Coppola invited a real priest to the shooting who married them in front of the cameras.

We actually got married in Dracula. I swear to God, I think we are married in real life. Francis did use a real Romanian priest who held all the necessary rites during the ceremony. So, I’m sure we’re really married.

With this in mind, Keanu thoughtfully asked:

So what? Did we say “Yes” to each other?

Winona answered:

Don’t you remember? It was on Valentine’s Day!

Oh my God, then we are married indeed!

The most serious relationship for Keanu was his romantic affair with Jennifer Syme. In 1999, they had to become parents but lost the child. A little later, Jennifer also passed away, leaving Keanu by himself. Since then, nothing has been known about Reeves’ relationships.

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It seems the beloved gothic couple of the 90s got married for real, even without realizing it! Unfortunately, it sounds too good to be true. Of course, such wedding is not considered valid in the United States.

What do you think about the relationship between Keanu and Winona? It seems they could make a really good couple, couldn’t they?

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