Megan’s Unexpected Ally In The Palace: Not Queen Elizabeth And Not Kate Middleton

Date September 14, 2018

Relationships within the British royal family cause a lot of speculation. On the one hand, all the representatives look sympathetic to each other. On the other hand, information about conflicts arising behind the closed palace gates emerges from time to time.


Since Kate Middleton has been married to Prince William for more than seven years, one can assume she has already accustomed to the unwritten rules and managed to earn the approval of older generations. Megan Markle became part of the family just a few months ago. The girl was often blamed for violating the protocol adopted at the court, wondering how her new relatives accept her behavior and whom she can count on, except her spouse.


The relationship between the young duchesses is also of lively interest for the public. Initially, body language experts noticed Harry’s partner used to be timid to the colleague relative, while Kate felt quite confident. Being already in the wife status, Megan started paying more attention to the way Kate acts. The Duchess of Cambridge didn’t mind showing a friendly attitude.

Queen Elizabeth seemed supportive of the new daughter-in-law. However, before Harry’s engagement announcement, Her Majesty was rumored to give no consent to this union. Nevertheless, she offered the girl to spend Christmas with the royal family, didn’t take into account some of her mistakes, and invited her to participate in the official event much earlier than Kate. Of course, Megan’s behavior still included nervousness due to protocol ignorance, but the girl tried to overcome the embarrassment and behave according to the etiquette.


The fact that Megan was able to find a common language and built partnerships with Kate and Elizabeth II is also confirmed by the historical issues consultant, Robert Lacey. Moreover, Prince Harry also hinted at the Queen’s favor in his first interview after the engagement announcement.

The fact that Her Majesty and the Duchess of Cambridge took undisclosed patronage over Meghan is very commendable. However, these women didn’t become her tower of strength in the palace. According to the insiders’ information, Prince Charles became very good friend with his daughter-in-law. He constantly noted Megan’s steadfastness, inventing for her a sweet and reasonable nickname – Tungsten. It is particularly indicative of the girl’s background family drama.

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Other sources reported that Prince Charles was truly happy when a young couple joined him for a few days during the traditional summer vacation. Also, insiders hinted that thanks to the duchess, the relationship between father and son became much warmer, despite all the rumors highlighting the opposite.

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Prince Charles is one of the most controversial representatives of the royal family. He is categorical, faithful to his convictions, and strict. His desire to build a good relationship with his daughter-in-law is very noble. What do you think about all that?

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