Not For Every Mother! Charlize Theron Let Her Son Wear A Dress To Disneyland

Date October 26, 2018 18:40

It is believed mothers living in Europe raise their children in a much stricter way, then, for example, mothers from America or Canada. 

Hollywood actress Charlize Theron has two foster children. In 2012, she adopted a boy named Jackson from South Africa, and within three years she became a mother for a black American girl Augusta.

Not For Every Mother! Charlize Theron Let Her Son Wear A Dress To Disneylandgettyimages

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It's so good of her! Charlize helps kids to feel loved and have a family.  However, the way she raises them is frankly speaking weird to us. Once we told of when the famous actress dressed up her son Jackson in a definitely girly outfit, a cute dress. Plus, he was wearing braids.


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And this didn't happen once. We can often see Jackson wearing princess clothing. If we didn't know Charlize elder child was a boy we would easily take him for a girl.


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Recently, Theron and her kids went to Disneyland. While walking in the park Charlize tried on "The Incredible" cartoon character Edna Mod's costume. As for the 6-year-old Jackson, he looked absolutely happy wearing a dress.


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He can really be easily confused with a girl.


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We are curious about if that's Jackson's choice to look girl like or is it his mother's idea?


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Theron admits it gets hard sometimes for her with the kids and she can lose her temper and raise her voice, but Jackson and Auguste teach her a lot. Anyway, at Disneyland, Charlize was feeling cheerful all day long. Happy moms make for happy kids, right?

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