Nobody's Perfect. Ex-Supermodel Tyra Banks Flaunted Her Cellulite At AMAs

Date October 26, 2018 18:43

A 44-year-old ex-supermodel and a TV host now, Tyra Banks arrived at the American Music Awards-2018 ceremony to announce one of the prestigious music award winners.


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She picked a white shirt and a short sexy sequin fringe skirt with a white black belt as for her spectacular appearance. She completed her look with a pair of black patent leather high heel boots, a lovely hat, and a clatch.


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Looks like, the ex-supermodel was feeling perfectly fit.


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She smiled all the time and posed playfully in front of the cameras.


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But there was one thing Tyra failed to count: it was her cellulite showing off all over her legs.


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It is to remind you that recently Banks was struggling to prevent obesity. In the end, the famous superstar managed to achieve a significant weight loss. However, some "tiny issues" are still noticeable.

By the way, her cellulite is not visible in the photo from the ceremony, which Tyra posted on Instagram! As well as her waist got noticeably thinner. Or, did she get photoshopped?

Well, everyone wants to look their best! Moreover, the model still works hard to be her best self. Although we hope that soon Tyra won't be needing any photoshop help at all!

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